Saturday, December 18, 2010


I've probably said it 1000 times but I still don't get it. And I guess I never will. Why discriminate? Seriously?? Why?

Definitely one of my biggest pet peeves. I don't believe anyone should be judged by their race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything. Thats just how I was raised. If someone is an asshole, well then they are just an asshole. lol Doesnt matter what they look like.

I bring this up because I just read this article...

Racists Demand Thor Boycott

White supremacist group hates the idea of Elba as Heimdall.

A white supremacist group is so peeved about black English actorIdris Elba playing the Norse mythological god Heimdall in Thorthat they're urging a boycott of the upcoming Marvel movie.

The Guardian reports that the U.S.-based Council of Conservative Citizens has established a web site to allow other like-minded people to boycott the Kenneth Branagh-directed film because of the change in Heimdall's race.

I'm pretty sure Thor never said "Wait, Black Panther is joining The Avengers? Fuck this noise I'm out"

I could care less what color his skin was. If the dude can act and pull off an awesome Hiemdall then I'm all for it.

Sorry, I just had to vent. I have a sinus infection and I'm in a bad mood. Hahaha. But hey, thats what the blog is for right?!


Monday, December 13, 2010


So about a year ago I created an account on to post my pictures. Here is an email I just received today...

"Silverpop Systems, Inc., a leading marketing company that sends email messages for its clients, told us that information was taken from its servers. This was probably part of a sweep by spammers. As a result, email addresses belonging to deviantART members were copied. Corresponding usernames and birth date may also have been removed.

We can assure you that nothing occurred on our systems with respect to this incident and no access was gained to private information on deviantART’s servers.

As a member of deviantART, you certainly have a right to know when an incident of this kind occurs. Unfortunately spammers are an unavoidable part of living on the Web.

The likely result of this event might be an increase in spam to your email. Experts have told us that there is an increase in email scams out there on the Internet and you should be cautious. Only click links or download attachments from people you know, particularly if they ask for personal information, and be sure that your email service provider has adequate spam filters.

Because we value the information that members give us, we have decided not to rely on the services of Silverpop in the future and their servers will no longer hold any data from us. "

Ok, first off, I read that as "SilverPoop" and I laughed. Just sayin. Second, WTF? Man I hate you spammers! There is honestly nothing better to do with your free time? I'm actually deleting spammers at this very moment from the Kevin Pollak Chat Show forum, AS I WRITE THIS.

Spammers: Find something better to do with your life like get a job.

And a girlfriend.

End communication. :-)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Am I crazy...?

I am a huge fan of Dexter. Both the tv show and the books. Some friends of mine even started a new online show called Stupid for Dexter in which they talk about the latest episode in depth and even have guests come on and discuss as well.

During the show they have some Dexter bobbleheads sitting on the desk. The one of Dexter himself always throws me off because all I see is Anakin Skywalker from the Clone Wars cartoon. Am I crazy? You be the judge...

lol, god I am such a dork...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two greats

Wow this has been a crazy 24 hours. Last night before going to bed I find out that Leslie Nielson died. It's so tragic. I grew up on the Naked Gun movies and of course Airplane. I can quote them all backwards and forward. That was comedy to me growing up. I thought those movies were brilliant and I still do so that was a hard blow when I found that out last night.

Then I wake up this morning to find out that Irvin Kershner had died as well. For those unfamiliar with the name he was the director of The Empire Strikes Back, not only my favorite Star Wars movie but also one of my favorite movies of all time. When I read about it I honestly teared up a bit. He was old and I knew that he hadn't been doing very well for awhile so I shouldn't have been too surprised.

This man directed a movie that I have been watching over and over again for more than 2 decades and I still love it every time I watch it. Hell, I actually have it on right now!

I think what I really love is reading all the posts from people online. All of us Star Wars fans are upset and as a collective unit are all posting online thoughts, feelings, memories, and all that. The Star Wars community is awesome. We are dedicated to what we love. Hearing the stories from celebrities as well has been amazing. Here's what Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) posted on Twitter...

"Kersh fell asleep & snored, listening to me dubbing Empire Strikes Back. Just one reason I loved him. He was a lovely, thoughtful, talented man. We owe him."

I'm really interested to hear what they say tomorrow night on The ForceCast. That should be a good episode. I'm hoping they let people call in and share their thoughts on the whole thing. I think that would be a great thing for Star Wars fans to Skype in live and give their thoughts.

Well thats all I'm gonna say for now. I put on Empire in the background so I could blog but now I'm getting attatched to it and want to go watch. lol


Monday, October 25, 2010

Return of the Jedi... I mean me...

I think this is the longest I've gone without a post. I've been in a bit of a slump lately. Still not quite out of it but its not as bad as it was a few months ago. I had so much stuff going on. I took a tumble down the stairs, hurt my ankle and had a mild concussion. That wasn't fun. It's hard to do my job with a bum foot.

This is what I looked like after my fall. Well, not really... :-)

If I had the time to tell u all the things that were going on with me the past few months I would but it's all depressing so I'll just leave it at that. I will say that one of the main reasons I haven't been on is because my hair has been falling out and I've had chest pains. I went to the doctor and he said it's because of stress and that I need to take it easy for awhile. That's pretty much impossible considering I work at a job that consists of pretty much 5 people. Can't really get much time off so reducing my stress level has been, how u say, stressful? Oh well. As of 2 months ago the things I have needed to keep me out of being depressed have been stripped from me. I now have to work afternoons at work which means I can't see my counselor anymore on Thursdays. I barely see my friends because now I work all day Saturdays which means I can't go out Friday nights like I usually do which fucking sucks. The other thing that keeps me sane is having fun in the chatroom of my friends radio show, Black Sky Radio, but thats on in the afternoons which I am now working everyday. So I've been missing out on that a lot. Before I found Black Sky I was always working morning and then I would come home and nap. But for 6 months now Black Sky has kept me from napping all afternoon and just have fun chatting with friends.

Those 3 things kept me from being depressed and now I don't have have any of them. Not a good thing. Especially the counselor. Haven't seen him in months. He does it for free cuz he's a family friend but now I'm going to have to look into someone else unless I can get Thursdays and Saturdays off again like I've had for the past several years.

Basically my mood for the past 3 months...

Le sigh...

Now on to good news. In this time I haven't been blogging I've been catching up on movies and video games. Haruhi season 2 came out and I got that a few weeks ago! U can imagine my excitement when I got that one in the mail. lol I am also now the Moderator for the Kevin Pollak Chat Show Forums on the website which is pretty rad! As for video games I've played Just Cause 2, Star Ocean: International, Fallout: New Vegas, and tonight at midnight I will be picking up Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2!

ZOMG I can't fuggin wait! I've got 3 more hours. It's gonna be a great night.

These are the things I need to keep me happy and stop me from sinking back into depression. Sometimes it's the little things, ya know...?

Later all!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bad Food

So awhile back my brother introduced me to this Chinese restaurant down the street. While not as awesome as our normal restaurant, which is farther away sadly, it is still pretty damn good. They have these amazing Crab Rangoons and their General Tso is pretty sweet.

I wanted to get some food in me tonight before I met up with friends and I had a hankerin for some General Tso's. I call ahead for carryout and when I get there the sign outside is different. Instead it says that it's a Persian cousine restaurant. *scratches head in confusion*

According to the hostess its the same place but now they serve both Persian and Chinese food. Looking in the bag I got really excited because they added in soup, 2 egg rolls, and a can of coke and I didn't have to pay anything extra. Definitely felt I got my monies worth!

Until I ate it....

I have never had worse food before. The chicken was way too dry and crispy, I could barely chew it and the Crab Rangoons tasted like the inside of a Tauntaun. I spend $17 and I get something that tastes worse than dog poop and I can get that for free at my house if I ever sunk that low. It's terrible that someone can come in and buy a company and produce food that is 10x worse than it was before. Perhaps the chefs were being lazy because its Labor Day and they didn't want to be at work so just half-assed it. Even if that was the case, I can't bring myself to give them a second chance. It was THAT bad.

Just now as I was talking to my friend BlueDrakon he asked on Twitter "Do you think u just ate dog or cat?" I told him "Im thinking platypus or ring-tailed lemur..." Maybe it's all of the above. The texture is not very consistant between pieces. I could have an entire amazon forest in there. I'm not gonna finish it to find out.

Anyone else have problems like this before?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Strep Sucks

Man I remember having Strep Throat when I was a kid but this past week has been unbearable! I forgot to ask the doc if its worse on adults than kids but from what it seem like, it is. I didn't sleep for days because every moment I would swallow my throat was in excruciating pain. So the moments when I would finally nod off to sleep I would swallow and jump back awake in pain. Not very pleasant I have to say.

Plus I had to work all those days which was really painful. Luckily I have great employee's to help me out.

Last night (Friday) I started to take a nap at 5pm and woke up at 11pm. I had actually slept! For the first time in days. I was pissed though cuz I had missed most of my friends party but considering I was still sick, miserable, and didn't want to get anyone else sick, it was probably for the better. But I'm sure I missed an amazing time.

Since I was going to be up for the rest of the night I played a lot of Just Cause 2 on PS3 which is incredible. I could write a whole blog about my antics in that game so I'll save that for later. Then I started watching the movie The Road with Viggo Mortenson. So far I really dig it but I had to turn it off cuz I was getting depressed. Not the best movie to watch when ur sick and depressed, let me tell you. Plus some of it was filmed in Pittsburgh (which I miss) and even though the movie makes the world looks barren and lifeless, some parts actually did look familiar. There is one specific road I really believe is the same road in Dogma when Chris Rock falls from the sky. I could be wrong though.

So I ended up watching some anime very late at night, or early morning if you will. Turns out one of my fellow bloggers, Washi the Blogger from Down Under, started watching the same episode of this one anime at the same time I did and commented about it on Twitter.

Man I swear Ookami-san is Taiga aged 3 years, seriously...

So it was cool having back and forth talk with him as we commented on not just one but two of these episodes. I needed something like that at 5 in the morning. lol

Thats all for now. Oh wait, check that. I'm also down to 186 in weight so thats a total of 31 lbs down from the diet. I finally broke 190! It's been so long...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stone Age Glasses

These are the things that pop into my head. I really need to find more important things to be thinking about.

I was just on a website that was counting down old cartoons shows that you SHOULDN'T be nostalgic about ( Snorks, Godzilla...) and one of them was The Pebbles and Bam Bam Show where they are all grown up and in a band. Lame! It stuck me as odd that one of their band mates wore glasses. Then I remembered Fred's boss, Mr. Slate, also wore glasses.

So one has to ask themselves. In the stone age where everything is powered by dinosaur or some sort of animal, who is the brilliant Caveman that created corrective lenses?

I'm willing to suspend belief with most of their inventions on the show. A lightbulb filled with fireflies, a wooley mammoth as a shower (and can apparently also be used as a vacuum cleaner), or a woodpecker as a typewriter. But glasses? I don't buy it!

Just because your frames are made of stone doesn't mean you can make stone age glasses...

And while we're on the subject of Pebbles and Bam Bam did it ever bother anyone else that Pebbles was wearing lipstick before the age of 1? What kind of parents are these? And Bam Bam's hair was as white as a ghost. Most people don't start going grey til they are much, much older.

Food for thought...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Young Sean's Letter to George Lucas

I was talking RTS games (Real Time Strategy) with a co-worker today and it reminded me of something. When I was about 11/12 I was obsessed with playing Warcraft (not much has changed apparently) and since I was also completely obsessed with Star Wars I thought it would be a cool idea if they had made a game that was a cross between Warcraft and Star Wars. Basically a Star Wars RTS game. My dad suggested I write a letter telling them my idea. So I actually mailed a letter to George Lucas explaining my idea. I actually did get a response which was really cool. It was a letter from Lucasfilm basically saying that they can't "accept unsolicited submissions or ideas" and that they had to return my letter unread. They did however enclosed a photograph from Return of the Jedi with it. As a kid I was happy as shit. The letter had the LucasFilm logo on the top and looked very professional.

So when I got back from work today I immediately went to look for it. I found it in a box with a lot of my other Star Wars stuff. I'm now really glad they sent my letter back because it was so funny to read something I wrote when I was a kid to George Lucas. I'm still laughing at the fact that I didn't mail it to LucasArts the video game company but to George Lucas himself, as if he has the time to read it.

So it brings me great pleasure to share with you my letter to Lucas, grammatical errors and all...

Dear Mr. Lucas,
Hey how's it going? My name is Sean. I'm a die hard Star Wars fan. You and Steven Speilberg are the coolest directors ever. I just finished writing a letter to Steven. I have a subscribe to Star Wars Insider. It's a great magazine. I wanted to purchase a silver 2 1/2 inch Boba Fett figurine. The ad said to call between 7am-11pm. When I called at 8pm it said that the hours to call were 8am-4:30pm. I was really upset that I couldn't get it. I also wanted to say that my friend and I, Danny, whose brother Steve writes to you, have an idea for a Star Wars game that LucasArts can make. It's a cross between Star Wars and Warcraft. Warcraft is a game everybody plays. You should check it out. What you can do is have different races like Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Wookies, the empire, rebellion, stuff like that. Then you build up your men and go into battle. It's much easier to understand if you play Warcraft. I make movies with my video camera because I plan to be a director when I grow up. The movie I'm making right now is Star Wars. My dad thinks your a genius because you took a billion dollar movie, added new footage, released it again, and made another billion dollars. Plus the new trilogy is coming out in a few years and all the games LucasArts is making. You are one rich man. I don't want to sound needy but can I have an autograph?

Sean Foster *There is also a picture I drew of a Jawa saying "Tee dee!"

P.S. I am starting a Boba Fett collection. If you have any B. F. stuff you don't need I'll buy it. Also if you have the internet this is a good webpage to go to about Star Wars. My friend's brother made it. It's called Steve's Docking Bay 94.

How adorable was I? Only a child would start a letter to a celebrity "Hey, how's it going?" and have the balls to ask George Lucas if he had any spare Boba Fett "stuff". Ahh I love it.

Ironically enough, several years later they did come out with a Star Wars RTS game! No I don't think they stole my idea, but it is kinda funny. It was everything I hoped it would be! lol

It was my idea first!!

Just had to share that with you all. It fun finding things from my past. It's also nice to know that nothing has changed 15 years later. I love Star Wars more than ever and I still play Warcraft. HA!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crappy Comic Book Store for Jerks

Being a vampire myself I often find myself captivated by all that is vampire related. Except for Twilight of course. True Blood is the latest show in the vampire craze that has caught my interest. Once I learned the show has actually based off of a series of novels I immediately went out and purchased those as well. I'm now on book 8 of 10 so far.

A couple weeks ago a buddy of mine posted a link saying that there was going to be a True Blood comic. I like comics and I like True Blood so this was basically a no brainer. I went to my comic book store last week only to find out that the damn thing had already sold out. Lame!

Lookin good Sookie. J. Scott Campbell knows how to draw women...

So this morning I decided to try my luck at the crappy comic book store down the road from me. It's a lot closer than my regular store but it just sucks so badly it's not even worth going. But I figured if no one really goes there then there's a pretty good chance the book didn't sell out.

The moment I walk in there are young kids playing Pokemon cards by the door with some really bored fathers standing over them. This is the busiest I've seen the store in ages and there were only about 8 people in the store. I'm standing there trying to get through but the kids are so focused on watching each other play nobody bothers to get the fuck out of my way. 2 of the fathers are looking right at me and neither bother to tell their kids to get out of the way. As I'm about to say "excuse me" this one kid isn't paying attention to what he's doing and backs up right into me pretty hard hitting his head on my stomach. The kid looks up at me and walk away not saying anything. The father saw the whole thing and he doesn't say anything either. I guess in this family we don't apologize to people we walk into. Nice parenting.

When I finally make it over to the crappy display of comics I don't see the True Blood comic anywhere. Though I wasn't expecting to find it right away because their display is completely unorganized. I have no idea what's supposed to be new or old. What I believe is the "New" section has comics from 5 months ago. *sigh* How this place stays in business I have no idea.

After looking at every book on display I saw nothing and decided to ask the guy behind the counter. I hate this guy, mind you. He's been working there since as long as I could remember. He was always very rude to me when I was in High School giving me attitude like he thought I was going to steal something. So I reluctantly asked him about the True Blood book...

Me: I was wondering if you had the True Blood comic?
Guy: The what?
Me: True Blood comic. It just came out recently.
Guy: I'm not sure what that is.
Me: True Blood. It's a popular show on HBO. They just came out with a comic book for it. J. Scott Campbell did the cover.
Guy: I've never heard of True Blade.
Me: True BLOOD. It's about vampires.
Guy: Oh True Blood. No, I haven't heard of that either so I guess we don't have it.
Me: Well can you check? Last time I asked you if you had Power Girl #11 you said no and yet there was a huge stack of them in a box right behind you.
Guy: Well I've never heard of True Blood so how could I have something that I've never heard of?
Me: Alright sorry I asked. I was already at Beyond Comics and they were nice enough to take my information down so they could call me when the True Blood reprints come in. I came here in hopes to find a direct release print but I can see I've wasted my time. Looking for a comic in a comic book store...

There were so many curse words on the tip of my tongue but I figured I'd be civil. Plus I always watch my language when children are around, no matter how obnoxious they are.

God I HATE that place!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Window Seat

Don't worry all, I'm still alive. For now...

I've been feeling much better lately. I'm still on my meds but I've been back at work the past week and it hasn't been too bad. Though I did enjoy that week off. Gave me a lot of time to catch up on anime. I was kind of worried I wasn't going to have anything to watch this season but so far I've found at least two shows that have caught my interest. High School of the Dead is the first. You can't go wrong with anime chicks, violence, and zombies. It's a win win! The other is Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi which is just a fun little slice of life type show. Plus a few older anime shows I've been watching in between.

During this week long anime marathon I noticed something funny. If an anime shows the main character at school that character is almost always sitting in the back of the class next to the window. Now from time to time they might not be in the back but you can almost always guarantee they will be next to the window! I first noticed it in Haruhi Suzumiya. Then in Death Note. Then in Kanon. Then in Clannad. Those are jsut the ones off the top of my head. Also, if you were sitting in the classroom facing the board then the windows are always to the left. Never the right!

Classic chin on hand staring out window pose. An anime must!

While searching for the above Haruhi picture I stumbled upon this little diddy. Obviously I am not the only one who has been thinking about this. Ha!

It's hard to see but yes, he's doing the same pose as Haruhi

Good to know I'm not the only one who noticed. I just wish I knew the reason as to why. Perhaps we'll never know...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hooray for seizures

So this past weekend I had Otakon (anime convention) up in Baltimore. I have been looking forward to this for so long, but as we know, nothing really ever goes right for me. I did get to enjoy a good amount of time there and I will save my Otakon post for next time because I feel this is probably more important to get out first.

Due to the heat, empty stomach, and being dehydrated for the most part, later in the evening when my friends and I decided to rest and get some pizza I had managed to suffer from a seizure and pass out in the middle of the dining area. I don't remember passing out at all. All I remember is feeling my body being lifted and when I opened my eyes I saw my friends and people helping me up off the ground and walking me to the exit. I had no idea what was going on but I remember them telling me that they were taking me to an ambulance. That when I started to remember things and I started freaking out for some reason. As I was in the ambulance I went nuts and started saying things like "Im fine! Im not coming with you. I don't need help! I want to leave!" and shit like that. Like, I was REALLY freaking out. I would not go with them in that ambulance. Why? I have no idea. So after much fighting the one guy said "Well I can't keep you here but I really think you should reconsider" and with that I hopped out and left.

Still in a state of shock I wander back to where my friends are getting my stuff. They see me and freak out. "Why the hell aren't you in the ambulance?!" I told them I was fine. I remember trying to keep it straight so they would believe me. Thats when they told me what happened.

This is how they described it to me... "After you took a few bites of pizza you started to look out of it. Next thing we know you say 'I fell kind of light-headed' and before we knew it your face was going red. Then purple! Your body kind of seized up! You started to fall over but we caught you in time and layed you on the ground. Spit and stuff started coming out of your mouth. The guy at the pizza place saw this and said he's been through seizures before and came over to help. He said to lay you on your side and don't put anything near your mouth. You were out for almost 10 minutes"

10 minutes I was out and I don't remember anything! That's fucking terrifying. After they told me that I agreed to let them take me to the hospital. By the time they actually saw me I wasn't feeling that bad but I was really shook up. They gave me a once over and decided it would be best that I at least stay over night for observation. That one night turned into 2. I was there Saturday from about 6:00 to Monday at 7:00. I spent the whole time either sitting in a small room or being tested on.

Sadly my care looked nothing like this...

The first night I got a cat scan which turned out OK. They wanted to give me and MRI as well but they couldn't do it that night so they had to wait. Well, lucky for me, they don't DO ANYTHING on Sundays so I had to lay in my hospital bed all alone the whole day with an IV stuck in my wrist (then later the back of my hand) and 5 of those sticky circles attached to my chest for the heart monitor. Boy what a pleasant day. It's especially awesome when your bladder is as pathetic as mine. The whole time I'm sitting there Otakon is still going on down the street.

In the end I was diagnosed with a new onset seizure and mild Rhabdomyolysis (caused by muscle strain and dehydration). I was discharged last night and my aunt and uncle picked me up. I wanted to get my car but the doctor said driving is not a good idea. It's good to be back home but I hate not being able to go anywhere when I want to. I am so antsy right now. Plus, I'm not allowed to work until Thursday which makes things harder for everyone at work and I need money. I don't have much food and even though my grocery store is in walking distance, walking isn't really the best thing for me to do in this condition.

In my next post I'll talk about the time I DID spend at Otakon. There was a lot of fun but sadly, even a lot of THAT got fucked up. Glad I spent that $75...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Your mom!"

I hate that this became some sad attempt at a comeback when guys are joking around. You can say anything and someone with throw out "Your mom!" and BAM they win.

"Dude I just read that in the 1985 edition of the Atlas they mixed up the names of The Tropic of Capricorn and The Tropic of Cancer!!!" ....... "Oh yeah? well YOUR MOM!!"

What does that even mean? Man...

My longtime friends all know about my mom and now my new friends I have met online and around the world as well!! They are all very nice about it. It's hard sometimes when I am in a new chatroom, with friends, like I was tonight and someone I don't even know's first word directed at me were "I fucked your mama" in response to something I said that wasnt even rude. And then actually calls out "That was directed at Seanthings" What a gentleman...

"Mom" is a trigger on my sensitivity button. So I hear that and memories pop up. I remember over 20 year of happiness with her and then 13 months of pain and suffering. 13 months of pain sticks out the most since sadly that was the most recent...

*sigh* I had to vent. Thats what blogs are for...

Monday, July 26, 2010


I don't know if I've mentioned this in the blog before but I have a serious case of arachnophobia. When I was around 7 I woke up because I felt a tickling on my foot. This is who I saw when I opened my eyes...


Ever since then I have been petrified by spiders and I always wear socks (I guess to protect my feet). The only time the socks come off is when I need to do water related things like shower, swim and what have you.

So it's 3:45 right now and around 3:00 I was peacefully sleeping when I rolled around I woke up because I realized I still had my headphones in listening to my Star Wars podcast. The moment my eyes were open I saw that hideous creature you see in the picture above, on my bed, staring me right in the eyes! All eight of them!!!

I flip the fuck out and knock that abomination to who knows where. The dog is no help and now I can't get back to sleep knowing that creature is still alive AND IN MY ROOM!!

I think I need to move out...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Black Sky Radio

I've come into an interesting online community. Starting with Kevin Pollak's Chat Show on Sunday's at 6pm eastern time where Kevin spends sometimes up to over 2 amazing hours talking to guests, they also have an interactive chat room at the bottom of the screen. From this chat room I have made many, many online friends. Coupled with this blog (that I hate when I neglect for so long sometimes, my apologies!) I have friends from around the world! It's an awesome feeling. And these aren't people I just chat with through Facebook and Twitter. I mean like talking on the phone and using webcam, A LOT. lol Though its only been roughly over a year I feel like I've none some of these people for ages!

Black Sky Radio has been another big part of this. You can check them out at 2 of the hosts @Nightmare54 and @JennaAtBlackSky you can follow on Twitter. They always post links to the site and when special guests will be on for interviews and callers can chime in with their questions. Also, much like the Kevin Pollak Show, there is an interactive chat room that they set up so we the fans can all interact, ask questions, and just have a shitload of fun.

Up until about 6-7 months ago if I worked a morning shift and got home at 3pm I would have nothing to do so I would pass out, sleep til 8pm, then not be able to sleep all night, wake up in the morning, rinse and repeat. Obviously this was not good for my sleeping schedule but I just have such a hard time sleeping at night in general that napping in the afternoon would become the only rest I would really get. Then on Black Sky they added the chat room, which u can open from another page at Then u can listen to the music on their main page and then if u want during the down time Nightmare and Jenna can entertain u in the chat room. This became my savior. It kept me from napping and wasting my afternoon sleeping.

There's a lot of regulars in the chat with people from around the US like me in DC, people in Missouri, Texas, Los Angeles, and quite a few people from Scotland! We can all talk in the chat or also join in on the webcam fun. It's always a great time.

The past couple weeks, every Wednesday they have been having someone from the HBO series Band of Brothers since the 10 year anniversary is around the corner. Our friend in Scotland has been getting these interviews and for the past few weeks they've had Scott Grimes (voice of Steve in American Dad), James Madio (Hook), Ross McCall (TV's Crash), and coming up this Wednesday Dexter Fletcher (Hotel Babylon, Kick-Ass!!). The hosts are always awesome and the interviews very comfortable. They can have a guest on for hours and u wouldn't even know because its so engaging and informative.

Also tune in tomorrow for Fiesta Bo, @fiestabo on Twitter, who is Tom Hanks apprentice. Should be an awesome interview. Plus, when you come visit the chat room u also have the pleasure of seeing me! lol. I'm not there all the time as sometime I work in the afternoons.

So tune in!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The MilkMan Cometh...

As always, I've been MIA from the blog for awhile. Spending too much time on video games (Heavy Rain, Borderlands) but now I have free time to share this story.

Earlier this week I came home from the grocery store to find a dude with a crowbar running away from my door (cuz he heard my dog barking) and as he was running towards the stairs he shoved me against the wall. Not with the crowbar mind you, so I was OK, don't worry folks! So as he was starting to run down the stairs I was in complete awe of what was happening so in order to stop him I had my grocery bags and I threw my bag with a gallon of milk in it and it hit him in the back and he fell down the stairs and he hit his face on the concrete steps.

He was down for the count and I didn't know what to do so I called for help. A neighbor of mine had gotten back from work and heard me screaming so he ran up the stairs and saw me standing next to this guy who is laying on the ground, face bleeding, and a gallon of milk and a crowbar near him. He asked me what happened. I was in complete shock and just said "I threw milk at him..."

When he asked why I said he had tried to break into my house, then ran like a coward, so I didnt know what to do so I threw something at him. The milk was the heaviest thing I had. And I will admit, straight up, I was not some awesome bad ass when this happened. I wasn't thinking straight and when my neighbor found me I was, as he said, "pale as a ghost and trembling" so I'm not Spider-man (at least until I close my eyes and picture it).

My buddy Nightmare has dubbed me MilkMan and now I dont think that will ever be let down. lol Nightmare has a radio show online which u can listen to at Monday-Friday 3-8 eastern time. I had called in to his show and told the story on the air, hence where MilkMan came from. So now all my friends are calling me that too.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Weighed myself today and I'm at exactly 200 lbs! One more and I'm outta the 200's!!! Sooooo happy.

In other news my blog name has been changed to "Under the Influence of Sean", a name my friend came up with. His blog can be seen here. He also does super Photoshop work so if u need something done get in touch with him. I'm going to have him make me a new banner for the blog with the new title the moment I'm not poor. lol

Those who have me in their blogroll please update the name. I'm not sure if it does it automatically or not.

I am going to go watch the latest episodes of Working and Angel Beats! And since I hate leaving the blog without some sort of picture I will post this incredibly cute Haruhi picture I stumbled upon recently. It's the can for Haruhi juice in Japan. lol I want!

Ponytail Haruhi is super kawaii...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, the day where we commemorate the U.S. soldiers who have died in the military service. While I have had family members in the military none of them had died during war. My grandfather was a pilot during World War II and my father served in Vietnam. Both made it out safe and sound.

So how are you going to spend your Memorial Day? Most of my friends are our of town so I'm just going to be kicking it here at my place. I beat Red Dead Redemption the other day but there is still a crapload of side missions and stuff I need to do so I'll probably do some of that today. Might also catch up on some reading as well. I'm almost finished with the latest Dexter book, Dexter By Design.

My friend in Pittsburgh is having a BBQ today so I'm probably going to call them on the webcam so I can see all my friends and pretend that I'm actually there.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Attack of the Clones!

So at the store that I work at we have a Trivia Board set up for the customers to guess while they are waiting in the store. Kind of a fun thing we like to do. One of the questions we put up the other day was "What was the first animal to be successfully cloned?" Now almost every single person who guesses is so sure of themselves that the answer is a sheep and they are WRONG.

I'm sorry the correct answer is Jango Fett...

Now I understand why people are guessing a sheep because as most of us know the sheep, Dolly, was the first mammal to be successfully cloned and it was a huge deal! I remember seeing Dolly all over the place in the newspapers and Time magazine and the like. So yes, I see where they are getting that answer from. But when I tell them that the first animal to be cloned was actually a tadpole some of them don't believe me at all. Yes a tadpole. I know it sounds weird but it's true, look it up. What angers me is when people get upset that sheep is not the right answer. This is where, to me at least, I think common sense should kind of kick in...

If you were a scientist in charge of cloning wouldn't it be wise to start small and work your way up? I mean, that seems most logical to me. I highly doubt that one day at the Roslin Institute in Scotland the scientists were sitting there and thought "OK, time to clone something! Let's start with a sheep!" I seriously doubt it. I mean, what kind of sense does that make unless you were either trying to move this project really fast or just makes things that much more difficult on yourself.

Maybe it's just me...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Please silence your douche bags before the movie

Ahhh Memorial Day weekend. Had things gone the way I planned I would be in Pittsburgh right now but that didn't work out. I couldn't find anyone to watch my dog, plus my dog has to go to the vet and I never know how much THAT is going to cost, and also shit came up at work. The majority of my friends are all gone for the weekend as well. So I'm basically just hanging out this weekend. I intend to spend most of today and Monday playing Red Dead Redemption.

Last night my buddy and I decided to catch a Swedish flick at one of the independent theaters near us called The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. My friend pointed out as we were walking in that we were the only people there under the age of 40. This made me happy for several reason. For starters it made me feel really young. Score! Also, there would be no obnoxious teenagers being rude and talking during the flick. That's always a plus.

Sadly, I was wrong.

For some ungodly reason there was this older couple sitting right behind me and the man decided he was going to whisper to his wife pretty much the entire movie. I just can't wrap my head around this. What possesses someone to do something like this. And it's not like he was some young obnoxious guy, he had to be in about his 50's, so he should fucking know better. It was like he was narrating the movie to her or something. The only reason I didn't say anything was because I had this vision of me telling him to shut up and him saying something like "My wife is blind" and then I would feel like a total chode. While that would be highly unlikely, this is how my mind works. There were also some women behind my friend who would get pretty chatty at points.

And just to add insult to injury there was this woman next to me, who came by herself, who would occasionally make comments to herself as if I was supposed to be listening and agreeing with her. She'd say things like "Why would she do that?! Don't do that!" It wasn't loud or anything but it was enough so that I could hear her perfectly. I just wanted to say "Who are you talking to?!?!" Perhaps the empty seat in between us sat her invisible friend and I just wasn't aware. I should have held an imaginary gun to it's imaginary head and told her to shut up or I would blow her "friend's" brains out.

I expect this from teenagers because most are obnoxious and don't give a shit about anyone around them, but adults? I was shocked. When I went to see Kick-ass for the first time there were some teenagers behind me who kept talking and I eventually snapped.

Me: Can you please shut up. I paid $10 to see this.
Kid: Yeah, so did we. (They all laugh and give each other first pounds)
Me: Yeah but I didn't pay $10 to hear you fucking morons talk.

Man it is so aggravating. I was raised to be respectful of the people around me but I guess most people were raised differently. Oh well, not much I can do about it. For now....

Thursday, May 27, 2010


So last week I was going thorough a bit of depression. I had laryngitis and couldn't talk. It was driving me absolutely insane! I should have taken that opportunity to get a lot of blog posts in since typing was my main form on communication but I was just too bummed out to write! I hate not being able to talk. Hate it! I probably would have gotten over it faster had I not had to keep forcing myself to talk at work. The doctor said the best thing to do is to rest my voice but thats impossible to do while working. As soon as I would get home I would stop talking completely until it was time to go to work the next day. I don't know who out there has had laryngitis before but it's a really weird thing not being able to talk.

What was killing me the most is that while I'm at home I love just sitting at my computer and trying out different voices to do. For someone who wants to pursue voice acting, losing my voice is pretty much the worst thing that could happen. Hence my depression.

To cheer myself up last Friday I purchased the video game Red Dead Redemption. Man oh man and what a game it is. It's basically Grand Theft Auto set in the Wild West. Definitely one of the best games I have played in a long time. Anyone who is into those types of games and has an XBox 360 or Playstation 3 I can't recommend this game enough. Go buy it now!

So playing that definitely cheered me up quite a bit. Plus, I got my voice back! Thank Haruhi! I was worried when the doctor said it might be 1-2 weeks. I think I would have gone insane if it had been 2 weeks. Luckily it was only 1 and I survived...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I don't want this to be a sad post. The majority of you who read my blog know that my mother is no longer with us and I talk about it every so often.

I just want everyone out there to have a great Mother's Day and I hope you all treated her right today! lol She obviously deserves it.

Konata and the spirit of her mother. Beautiful picture...

Later all...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Geeks Unite!

Wow, so I decided to stop by Wendy's to treat myself to a little snack. My diet is going awesome so I deserve something awesome every once in awhile. Query: Is it a good sign when your pants are getting too big? Methinks yes!

So anyway, the Drive Through lane was waaaaaaay too long so I just decided to park the car and go inside to order. I also wanted to get out of the car anyway because right no it is insanely windy here where I am and I love it! So after I order my food I'm standing around waiting for my order. I start looking around and notice the whole place is really packed! But then I heard a lot of loud obnoxious laughter so I looked over and saw in the corner of the restaurant a bunch of huge dudes laughing. I won't call them jocks per se, but I will call them MeatHeads. Actually, is there a difference? I dunno, jock is something I would say in High School. MeatHead is just a MeatHead, there is no age limitation. Let us define MeatHead real quick, shall we?

MeatHead: (n) Usually buff (or thinks he is), obnoxious, loud, care nothing about others, and constantly crave attention. Usually travel in packs. Hobbies include The Gym, Sports, The Gym, looking at themselves in mirrors, The Gym, The Gym, picking on the weak to make themselves feel better, and The Gym. (See picture)

Notice the cocky look, wifebeater, and insanely cheesy shell necklace he's been wearing since he got it during beach week 10 years ago. How can you look in the mirror and not want to punch yourself in the face?

Now back to the story. So at first I just thought they were laughing and being obnoxious because they are just jerkoffs. Thats what they do and are know for. Then I notice the table I am closest to has 2 guys playing what at first I thought was some sort of board game! Curious as to why someone would bring a board game to a Wendy's I inched my way closer to see what was going on. Turns out it was actually a Yu-Gi-Oh gaming board and they were playing the card game. (For those unfamiliar Yu-Gi-Oh is a battling card game kids play and it's also an anime). So I had to ask the guys..

Me: Do you normally come here to play Yu-Gi-Oh?
Guy: Yes, we come every other Sunday. We all do.
Me: What do you mean "we all do"?
(The guy points to the other tables and I notice half of the room are guys playing one on one Yu-Gi-Oh. lol!!)
Me: Holy shit, I didn't even notice! And the people at Wendy's don't care?
Guy: Nope. This place rarely does business. Plus we are always quiet, we all buy food, and we don't disturb anyone. Unlike some other people I know. (referring to the MeatHeads)
Me: You go to school with them?
Guy: Unfortunately. They actually passed us on the street and then decided to follow us here when they saw us carrying our equipment.
Me: How long have you guys been here?
Guy: Hmmm (looks at cell phone) about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

WOW!! So these kids are just trying to have a good time and they are actually FOLLOWED to Wendy's by these jerkwads who apparently have NOTHING better to do than give the geeks a hard time. Jesus it's a Saturday! These assholes have nothing better to do on a Saturday then give kids a hard time? Don't they do that enough at school? I think I was more upset about this situation then the geeks were. They seemed very level headed and just blocked out the insults.

Man, the geeks, dorks, and nerds are always the ones referred to as "losers". I think the real losers are the ones who go out of their way to pick on the "losers". Get a life man.

This post could turn into a novel and I actually had a lot more to say but I'm just gonna drop it before I get even more angry.

Friday, May 7, 2010


First off my allergies are absolutely destroying me right now so you will have to bear with me. lol I'm too lazy to correct my spelling and such but wanted to do a quick post while I queued up some anime to watch.

So a couple weeks ago a blogging buddy made a post on his blog 2 Old for Anime? about a feature he added to his blog. It's called ClustrMaps and basically it keeps a tally of how many people from all different countries visit your blog! I was curious to see where around the world people were tuning in. Here are the results!

United States 63
United Kingdom 3
India 2
Germany 2
Poland 1
Hungary 1
Italy 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Australia 1
France 1

Pretty cool huh? I knew of a couple people already in different countries already as I talk to them a lot on Twitter and Facebook, but a lot of the others suprised me. Very cool!!

Thanks all for visiting and I hope you stick around!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker

First and foremost as an update I have lost a total of 12 lbs in the month of April. Who wants to touch me?

OK, now that that's out of the way I've decided that I'm going to start something new on my blog. After listening to one of my favorite podcasts last night called The Forcecast. I decided to download some past episodes and I found one where they did an interview with voice actor Dee Bradley Baker who does the voice of every single clone in the Clone Wars animated series. That's a really impressive feat considering the show is called "Clone" Wars for a reason. So after listening to his interview he brought up some cool things I would like to talk about. But it also gave me the idea to start doing a blog entry for all my favorite voice actors and maybe how they effected me in some way. I think it's a pretty cool idea. So we're gonna start with Mr. Baker since his interview gave me the idea.

Besides being the voice of all the clones in The Clone Wars he has also been Klaus in American Dad, Curt Connors in Spectacular Spider-man, Appa and Momo from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Daffy and Taz in Space Jam, and a bunch of voices in SpongeBob, Ben10, and Fairly Odd Parents. Oh, and I should mention he was also the voice of Olmec in the Nickelodeon series Legends of the Hidden Temple!!! How cool is that???

First I'll mention Clone Wars. There are so many clones in this series and he does the voice of all of them. The most amazing thing is that he gives them all their own personality and tone. It's not like they all talk exactly the same. Captain Rex and Commander Cody are the two leaders each with their own distinct way of speaking, as do a slew of others. When asked why they all talk differently Baker said that even though they were all created after the same mold they are all sent out to work under different masters on different planets so obviously they are going to be speaking differently. I thought that was a really cool touch. Even adding little things like one clone pronouncing the name of a planet one way and a different clone pronouncing it another way. It's subtle things like this that I pick up on and enjoy about this series. Here's a clip of Dee as the Clones. It's the best I can do at the moment. I could go on and on but then this entry would just turn into a straight up Clone Wars blog.

Captain Rex is definitely one of my favorites...

He mentioned something else in the interview that was really upsetting to me. He brought up the fact that when the animated Clone Wars was fist released as a movie in theaters he thought it was so fun to have all his fellow voice actors get to go to the big movie premiere. He said that after doing the voice of Daffy and Taz for Space Jam he and the other voice actors weren't invited to the movie premiere! What is that about? Since this was Space Jam and the majority of the cast was voice actors then who the hell was invited to the premiere besides Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and Wayne Knight? I am upset with this. But Mr. Baker has a good head on his shoulders and didn't seem as upset as I felt about it. lol

Hope you found this interesting because I am definitely excited about writing about more voice actors in the future. Here is a link to his Homepage where you can listen to his voice demos and such.

Later all!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kick-Ass Part 1

So I will be seeing the movie Kick-Ass in a few hours and I'm really pumped. I have read the comics and thoroughly enjoyed them! I love a lot of what Mark Millar writes and so I had to check this book out and it blew me away. The dialogue between the teenagers is spot on, seriously. Kids probably curse more than sailors these days. The violence is very over the top and gory. Had this been done by another writer and artist the comic probably would have sucked. But the genius of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. are spot on!

So when I heard they were making the making the movie I got pumped. As most people will agree who have read the comic is that the characters of Big Daddy and Hit-Girl are above and beyond fucking awesome. Big Daddy is an enormous hulking dude in a mask with his tiny 11 year old daughter by his side. And they both fucking pwn, hardcore. By this time you have all probably seen a lot of the trailers and commercials on TV. If Hit-Girl's first appearance in the movie is as good as it is in the comics, be prepared to be blown away.

There Will Be Blood II: The Origin of Big Daddy and Hit-Girl...

I was kinda skeptical about the casting of Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy though (case in point, picture above). As I stated earlier Big Daddy seriously lives up to his name in the comic and his costume looks nothing like the one I see in the trailer. But I'm gonna let it slide due to the few scenes I see in the trailer where he's out of costume and acts like a goofy father figure (something that differs from the comics).

All in all, I am excited and I will be posting my review of the movie in the next few days. Though it won't be posted here, it will be on the Openly Lewd Comics website! So check it out.

Will it live up to the hype?? Will it suck?? Only Sean can tell...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sweet deal

It's been 14 days since my last post and and in that time I've lost 5 more lbs. So hey, not too shabby. And as of yesterday a friend of mine started helping me work on an exercise program. We didn't do too much yesterday as I was incredibly sick, hadn't eaten at all that day, and not had a wink of sleep the night before. All in all I was a complete and utter mess and yet I still dragged my ass out there and did what I could. If only I could lose weight doing the things I love! Losing a pound for every minute of an anime I watched would be too easy. Maybe for every hour?? Perhaps there is some sort of demon pact I could conjure up to lay this awesome curse upon myself...

Speaking of anime, new shows have started airing in Japan and I actually found a few that piqued my interest. Fellow blogger Washi introduced me to new shows like Working! and Angel Beats. I had been eying Angel Beats for a few months now waiting for it to come out, mainly because of the main character's uncanny resemblance to Haruhi...

The new SOS Brigade...?

It's definitely interesting so far. I thought the 1st episode was OK but the 2nd definitely had me more interested. The anime Working! is a nice light-hearted slice of life type comedy. Put me in a good mood as I was sitting at my desk and my entire body was aching. So these two shows I will be keeping my eye on this season. Second season of K-on has also started and although it can be a bit too upbeat and cute at times I'm gonna stick with it because I love the animation. After I'm done writing this I'm watching the first episode of Mayoi Neko Overrun, figured I'll give that a shot as well.

I just finished doing my taxes tonight. Yeah I totally waited til the last minute. D'oh! I was filling out the forms and it somehow got to the point that I actually OWED money in my State Taxes. I knew that was completely wrong so I started over and did everything online, which I should have just done in the first place, and it was super easy and accurate. Accurate meaning I will be receiving money back and not owing. Man that was a scary 5 minutes...

Now it's time to kick back, watch some anime, then read some Dexter by Design (the 4th book in the Dexter series that the TV show is based on) Really good stuff so far...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Diet Update

So my weight has gone up and down a bit the past month or so but as of right now I have lost 7 lbs. I had lost 9 but at some point gained 2 back. Baka...

None for me thanks! I gots to get thin!

But as of today, April 1st, things kick into high gear. The past month I had beat allowing myself one or two guilty pleasure foods a day to ease myself into the diet. It's like trying to quit smoking, it's hard to just go cold turkey on a diet. So now that I've gotten that out of my system I've reached the point where I have basically phased those out and now it's only healthier things. Today being the first of the month is perfect cause now I can keep an accurate account of my weight loss throughout all of April. Got my little notepad with my weight starting today and I will be counting my calories in it as well.

There will also be no consumption of alcohol unless it's a really important special occasion. Alcoholism runs in my family and I don't want that to happen to me. I love the feeling of getting drunk but once I drink one night, then I'm gonna want to do it again the next night, and then maybe the next night. And because of my weight and tolerance it takes a lot to actually get me drunk, which in turns makes me gain weight. It's just not fucking worth it. It's also nice waking up in the morning and not feeling like complete ass.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Customer Service my ass...

A year ago I posted about how I hated the damn ear plug head phones they give you with your iPod. I never understood those things. Why are they so awkwardly shaped? Do they honestly think this is the universal shape of the human race's ear? Maybe it's just me. Apparently the inside of my left ear is the dark disfigured twin brother of my right ear. The Yin to it's Yang. The Hugo to his Bart. Hellboy was born with the "Right Hand of Doom" while I was blessed with the "Left Ear of Gimptastic Retardation"

A few weeks back I finally got fed up with my headphones popping out of that ear while I was laying in bed listening to music. I went to Best Buy in search of those ear phones that wrap around your ear, that way I knew those little bastards couldn't pop out. I found a pretty solid pair for about $20. Took them home, tried them on, fit great, but the sound quality sucked ass. That metallic type of sound. So a few days ago I had the chance to finally return these cursed things and get my money back. The advantage of being a creature of the night is that I get to do all my shopping at that point. I tell ya, the grocery store is a lot more peaceful at 10pm and I don't have to wait 20 minutes to return something to the Redbox. Same goes for Best Buy. The customer service line at 8:30 was basically nonexistent. Just they way I like it.

In fact it was completely dead. There was one customer at the counter waiting but nobody behind the desk. So there I sat for 5 minutes and nobody is around. 5 minutes is a long time where you are standing there like an idiot trying to find things to pretend to look at interested and girls you have to pretend you AREN'T trying to look at. Eventually this older Best Buy employee comes back carrying some product. I guess the dude waiting at the counter was waiting for them to go find something for him. This is when it gets annoying. The customer just starts arguing with the employee. I'm 10 feet away buy I honestly had no idea what was being said even though it was pretty loud. This started around 8:40.

This goes on for awhile. From what I could gather he wanted to exchange something expensive that he had broken 6 months ago with no receipt and obviously way past the 30 day return policy. Gotta love people. At 8:50 the Best Buy guy can obviously tell how aggravated I am since I have been standing for 20 minutes and have had no assistance whatsoever. So he asks me real quick "What do you need today sir?" and I said "I just have to pair of headphones to return. I have the receipt and everything is in the box. I'm ready to go" so he says to the customer "Do you mind if I help him real quick, it will only take a second?"
"No. You help me first, then him. I was here first."

So I throw up my arms in obvious frustration and says to the employee "Hey, thanks for trying". At exactly 8:56 (I was checking my cellphone constantly since I had nothing else to look at) another person decided to show up at customer service. Finally! Where the fuck have you been the past 26 minutes?? Granted the store closes at 9 so everyone is trying to get everything cleaned up so they can leave. So this lady seems to be a manager of sorts and she takes over to help the disgruntled douche bag and the older guy finally helps me. Here is exactly how it played out.
"Sorry for the wait"
"(angry) It happens"
"You said you wanted to return headphones?"
"Yeah, they don't fit in my right ear"
"OK. Since you used debit for the purchase I can only give you cash back, is that alright?"
"That's fine"
"Alright there you go. Would you like to keep the receipts?"
"No, I'm alright, thanks"

I think we all have an Inner Sakura waiting to burst. I was very close...

That was it. I waited almost a half hour for that. So I pretty much got a dollar back for each minute I stood there. So as I walked away I passed the angry customer, smiled, and said "One minute. That's all I needed. Thanks a lot" What an ass. Waste my time like that. Plus the store was closing at the point so I didn't get to look around like I wanted to which really pissed me off. Well, I could have, but once I store is closed I hate being that person who dicks around so the staff can't go home. I work in retail, I know what it's like.

So disgruntled customer, where ever you are out there, I hate you and everybody like you...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jack Russell Terrorist

I have mentioned in the past my neighbor's dog. When my mom, brother, and I first moved into this condo complex the women we bought the place from warned us of "The Jack Russell Terrorist" that lived not even 6 feet from my door. She asked us if we had a dog, my mom said "yes" and this women said "May God have mercy on your soul". Boy she wasn't kidding. This dog barks just for the sake of barking. It barks at everything.


When it's in the house it doesn't make a peep. Thank fucking Christ. But the moment the leash is put on that dog it's all downhill from then on. Every morning. Every FUCKING morning I am treated to what I call my "4th Alarm" I have my cellphone alarm, my alarm clock, my dog jumps on my bed to get fed for breakfast alarm, and then, technically my first alarm, the yapping dog from next door. The moment they put the leash on that dog and open the door to take it outside it starts barking. At nothing! Could you imagine owning a dog that every time you walked it it would bark for the entire time you were outside?? It's uncanny!! It's like the entire outside world upsets this creature and it wants it's voice heard. And I love animals, especially dogs, so for me to actually downright LOATHE a dog is saying something big.

They even put a small muzzle on this dog to try and shut it up but it doesn't work. How is that even possible??

So what inspired me to write this is that I was just out walking my dog at 10:30 at night. Low and behold I hear this barking in the distance and there's the fucking "Terrorist". Now this dog is obviously very tiny while mine is 80 lbs of pure fucking muscle Yellow Lab. My dog loves going for walks but once he hears another dog barking, he starts barking and going crazy. Now this is when I become the asshole. My dog and I are the terrible people because I am one of the few people not in my 50's in this neighborhood and I don't own a dog that could fit in my fucking pocket. Hence, young guy/big dog = bad people. Because when big dogs bark it's loud and deep and therefore evil. Just like me. I always wear a hoodie and sunglasses and am mostly seen at night (yes, sometimes I wear the sunglasses at night) so I look menacing. So I'm the bad guy. Always.

So just now when the "Terrorist" barked at us my dog went crazy and I had to use all my strength to pull him back. I mean, I think he really wants to kill this dog and I can't really blame him. But man my dog is strong. Imagine those Strong Man competitions with a dude using his teeth to pull a firetruck on a rope, thats how I look trying to keep Kenobi in check.

So this woman tonight, my God, she has the nerve to roll her eyes at me cause I have the strong dog going nuts. She obviously doesn't care about the fact that her yappy dog is barking non stop at 10:30 on a Sunday night annoying every condo they walk by. She walks the dog 3-4 times a day for about 20 minutes that barks the entire time!! Can you even imagine that? I don't know if she or her husband wear earplugs or it's just they are so old that they can't hear anything anyway but it is the most obnoxious bark in the universe.

But whatever, I'm the asshole apparently. Just typing this is getting me angry. I shall quit now. lol...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

One of my favorite days of the year! I'm 50% Irish so it's a given. It sucks that it's on a Wednesday this year but oh well. I haven't drank anything in about 2 weeks and plan to keep it that way for awhile. Tonight is the one exception though I'm not even getting drunk. I bought a couple Guinness which I will casually enjoy throughout the night. It's a tradition, what can I say?
Yotsuba wishes you good luck with your drinking...

Tonight is just going to be a chill night for me. As I said I will be having a few bottles of Guinness while I play some more Final Fantasy XIII (I'm 31 hours in) and watch the latest episode of Lost. While it's nothing too exciting it's definitely an awesome night from my point of view.

Hope everyone has a great holiday! Be safe!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adventures at the Drive Through

So not even 30 minutes ago I was driving back from Blockbuster when I decided to swing by the McDonalds nearby. I don't often eat fast food, especially when I'm on my diet, but they have a limited time offer of 99 cent Fillet of Fish sandwich. As I'm pulling up I get cut off my some douchebag and he gets in line in front of me. Fine, whatever, he's an asshole who apparently can't wait 2 seconds for me to pass, I'll fucking deal. He then, of course, proceeds to order 2000 things. *sigh* I just can't win. But you know what? Normally that would drive me up the friggin wall but not today. I had my iPod in the car and my mellow Japanese music playing which was keeping me at peace. I'm seriously considering just stapling my headphones to the inside of my ears and playing this music constantly where ever I go to drown out everything that annoys me. Seriously, just listening to this music puts me in such a great mood.

So once toolbag pulls up to the window the McDonald's guy is literally handing him soda after soda after soda and then bag after bag after bag. I counted 5 bags of food. Good lord! So he then finally starts pulling away and as I'm about to move forward the McDonalds guy is leaning out the window trying to wave the guy down. The car stops and the guy yells that he forgot one more bag.

At this point I have my music off and my window down. As I'm watching this guy slowly reverse back to the window (I left him plenty of room since I moved forward probably an inch or 2) I suddenly hear this high pitched screaming. And when I say screaming, I mean SCREAMING! I couldn't tell where it was coming from until I looked in my rear view window and I saw this woman in absolute hysterics! She was yelling, banging her hands on the steering wheel and also motioning for me to move forward. Honest to God, she is flailing her arms like a fucking ring-tailed lemur in heat


I can hear her yelling "Move. Move. MOVE!! MOVE!! MOVE!!" Since I obviously couldn't move forward I just started laughing. Hard! And she could see me staring at her through my rear view laughing. It was like watching a coke addict suffering from withdrawal.

Then she laid down the horn.

That shut me right up. Now I was pissed. She went and ruined my good mood. So I undid my seat belt, leaned my head out the window and yelled "Chill the fuck out! He's still getting his food ya nut!!" Now I have no idea what kind of reaction she thought she was going to get out of me. Maybe she thought if she kept babbling like a fucking mental patient long enough I would somehow cave in and move forward but I could tell by the look on her face that the LAST thing she expected was someone to yell back at her. So that shut her up and boy did she NOT look happy about it. HA!

As if yelling back at her wasn't enough to make me feel REALLY good about myself I just had to milk it for what it's worth. She was obviously in a hurry so I decided to take my sweet ass time. I grabbed my bag from the guy and slowly pretended to look through it to make sure everything was in order (keep in mind, I only got one Fillet of Fish Sandwich) Then I asked the dude for some BBQ sauce. And then just to be a real asshole I ask if I can get a cup of water. While he's getting that for me I look in the rear view mirror and see that she is looking mighty agitated. I decided this was a good time to smile at her and wave. The guy gives me my water and as I'm driving away I reach my entire arm out the window and wave to her again. As I round the corner I notice her giving me the finger. LOL

God that totally made my day. I am so glad I decided to swing by McDonalds! You just can't make this shit up...