Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crappy Comic Book Store for Jerks

Being a vampire myself I often find myself captivated by all that is vampire related. Except for Twilight of course. True Blood is the latest show in the vampire craze that has caught my interest. Once I learned the show has actually based off of a series of novels I immediately went out and purchased those as well. I'm now on book 8 of 10 so far.

A couple weeks ago a buddy of mine posted a link saying that there was going to be a True Blood comic. I like comics and I like True Blood so this was basically a no brainer. I went to my comic book store last week only to find out that the damn thing had already sold out. Lame!

Lookin good Sookie. J. Scott Campbell knows how to draw women...

So this morning I decided to try my luck at the crappy comic book store down the road from me. It's a lot closer than my regular store but it just sucks so badly it's not even worth going. But I figured if no one really goes there then there's a pretty good chance the book didn't sell out.

The moment I walk in there are young kids playing Pokemon cards by the door with some really bored fathers standing over them. This is the busiest I've seen the store in ages and there were only about 8 people in the store. I'm standing there trying to get through but the kids are so focused on watching each other play nobody bothers to get the fuck out of my way. 2 of the fathers are looking right at me and neither bother to tell their kids to get out of the way. As I'm about to say "excuse me" this one kid isn't paying attention to what he's doing and backs up right into me pretty hard hitting his head on my stomach. The kid looks up at me and walk away not saying anything. The father saw the whole thing and he doesn't say anything either. I guess in this family we don't apologize to people we walk into. Nice parenting.

When I finally make it over to the crappy display of comics I don't see the True Blood comic anywhere. Though I wasn't expecting to find it right away because their display is completely unorganized. I have no idea what's supposed to be new or old. What I believe is the "New" section has comics from 5 months ago. *sigh* How this place stays in business I have no idea.

After looking at every book on display I saw nothing and decided to ask the guy behind the counter. I hate this guy, mind you. He's been working there since as long as I could remember. He was always very rude to me when I was in High School giving me attitude like he thought I was going to steal something. So I reluctantly asked him about the True Blood book...

Me: I was wondering if you had the True Blood comic?
Guy: The what?
Me: True Blood comic. It just came out recently.
Guy: I'm not sure what that is.
Me: True Blood. It's a popular show on HBO. They just came out with a comic book for it. J. Scott Campbell did the cover.
Guy: I've never heard of True Blade.
Me: True BLOOD. It's about vampires.
Guy: Oh True Blood. No, I haven't heard of that either so I guess we don't have it.
Me: Well can you check? Last time I asked you if you had Power Girl #11 you said no and yet there was a huge stack of them in a box right behind you.
Guy: Well I've never heard of True Blood so how could I have something that I've never heard of?
Me: Alright sorry I asked. I was already at Beyond Comics and they were nice enough to take my information down so they could call me when the True Blood reprints come in. I came here in hopes to find a direct release print but I can see I've wasted my time. Looking for a comic in a comic book store...

There were so many curse words on the tip of my tongue but I figured I'd be civil. Plus I always watch my language when children are around, no matter how obnoxious they are.

God I HATE that place!


Bluedrakon said...

wtf is wrong with parents now a days. If it was me and my son, I would of made sure he was out of the way of the damn entrance as well as apologize for him knocking into you.

I have been at the Beyond Comics in Frederick for Free Comic Book Day. They do have a nice shop, just wish it had more Japanese stuff :(

Seantaku said...

I haven't been to the one in Fredrick yet. I keep meaning to though. The Beyond Comics near me used to be HUGE but then they moved to a smaller location. Lame!