Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hooray for seizures

So this past weekend I had Otakon (anime convention) up in Baltimore. I have been looking forward to this for so long, but as we know, nothing really ever goes right for me. I did get to enjoy a good amount of time there and I will save my Otakon post for next time because I feel this is probably more important to get out first.

Due to the heat, empty stomach, and being dehydrated for the most part, later in the evening when my friends and I decided to rest and get some pizza I had managed to suffer from a seizure and pass out in the middle of the dining area. I don't remember passing out at all. All I remember is feeling my body being lifted and when I opened my eyes I saw my friends and people helping me up off the ground and walking me to the exit. I had no idea what was going on but I remember them telling me that they were taking me to an ambulance. That when I started to remember things and I started freaking out for some reason. As I was in the ambulance I went nuts and started saying things like "Im fine! Im not coming with you. I don't need help! I want to leave!" and shit like that. Like, I was REALLY freaking out. I would not go with them in that ambulance. Why? I have no idea. So after much fighting the one guy said "Well I can't keep you here but I really think you should reconsider" and with that I hopped out and left.

Still in a state of shock I wander back to where my friends are getting my stuff. They see me and freak out. "Why the hell aren't you in the ambulance?!" I told them I was fine. I remember trying to keep it straight so they would believe me. Thats when they told me what happened.

This is how they described it to me... "After you took a few bites of pizza you started to look out of it. Next thing we know you say 'I fell kind of light-headed' and before we knew it your face was going red. Then purple! Your body kind of seized up! You started to fall over but we caught you in time and layed you on the ground. Spit and stuff started coming out of your mouth. The guy at the pizza place saw this and said he's been through seizures before and came over to help. He said to lay you on your side and don't put anything near your mouth. You were out for almost 10 minutes"

10 minutes I was out and I don't remember anything! That's fucking terrifying. After they told me that I agreed to let them take me to the hospital. By the time they actually saw me I wasn't feeling that bad but I was really shook up. They gave me a once over and decided it would be best that I at least stay over night for observation. That one night turned into 2. I was there Saturday from about 6:00 to Monday at 7:00. I spent the whole time either sitting in a small room or being tested on.

Sadly my care looked nothing like this...

The first night I got a cat scan which turned out OK. They wanted to give me and MRI as well but they couldn't do it that night so they had to wait. Well, lucky for me, they don't DO ANYTHING on Sundays so I had to lay in my hospital bed all alone the whole day with an IV stuck in my wrist (then later the back of my hand) and 5 of those sticky circles attached to my chest for the heart monitor. Boy what a pleasant day. It's especially awesome when your bladder is as pathetic as mine. The whole time I'm sitting there Otakon is still going on down the street.

In the end I was diagnosed with a new onset seizure and mild Rhabdomyolysis (caused by muscle strain and dehydration). I was discharged last night and my aunt and uncle picked me up. I wanted to get my car but the doctor said driving is not a good idea. It's good to be back home but I hate not being able to go anywhere when I want to. I am so antsy right now. Plus, I'm not allowed to work until Thursday which makes things harder for everyone at work and I need money. I don't have much food and even though my grocery store is in walking distance, walking isn't really the best thing for me to do in this condition.

In my next post I'll talk about the time I DID spend at Otakon. There was a lot of fun but sadly, even a lot of THAT got fucked up. Glad I spent that $75...


PghPushyLover said...

wtf!? i'm calling you asap!

Bluedrakon said...

ONFG - I am glad you went to the hospital. I am sorry it happened at Otakon, but glad you had friends to help you out.

Take it easy and just rest and get yourself back to norm