Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Weighed myself today and I'm at exactly 200 lbs! One more and I'm outta the 200's!!! Sooooo happy.

In other news my blog name has been changed to "Under the Influence of Sean", a name my friend came up with. His blog can be seen here. He also does super Photoshop work so if u need something done get in touch with him. I'm going to have him make me a new banner for the blog with the new title the moment I'm not poor. lol

Those who have me in their blogroll please update the name. I'm not sure if it does it automatically or not.

I am going to go watch the latest episodes of Working and Angel Beats! And since I hate leaving the blog without some sort of picture I will post this incredibly cute Haruhi picture I stumbled upon recently. It's the can for Haruhi juice in Japan. lol I want some....now!

Ponytail Haruhi is super kawaii...