Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Your mom!"

I hate that this became some sad attempt at a comeback when guys are joking around. You can say anything and someone with throw out "Your mom!" and BAM they win.

"Dude I just read that in the 1985 edition of the Atlas they mixed up the names of The Tropic of Capricorn and The Tropic of Cancer!!!" ....... "Oh yeah? well YOUR MOM!!"

What does that even mean? Man...

My longtime friends all know about my mom and now my new friends I have met online and around the world as well!! They are all very nice about it. It's hard sometimes when I am in a new chatroom, with friends, like I was tonight and someone I don't even know's first word directed at me were "I fucked your mama" in response to something I said that wasnt even rude. And then actually calls out "That was directed at Seanthings" What a gentleman...

"Mom" is a trigger on my sensitivity button. So I hear that and memories pop up. I remember over 20 year of happiness with her and then 13 months of pain and suffering. 13 months of pain sticks out the most since sadly that was the most recent...

*sigh* I had to vent. Thats what blogs are for...

Monday, July 26, 2010


I don't know if I've mentioned this in the blog before but I have a serious case of arachnophobia. When I was around 7 I woke up because I felt a tickling on my foot. This is who I saw when I opened my eyes...


Ever since then I have been petrified by spiders and I always wear socks (I guess to protect my feet). The only time the socks come off is when I need to do water related things like shower, swim and what have you.

So it's 3:45 right now and around 3:00 I was peacefully sleeping when I rolled around I woke up because I realized I still had my headphones in listening to my Star Wars podcast. The moment my eyes were open I saw that hideous creature you see in the picture above, on my bed, staring me right in the eyes! All eight of them!!!

I flip the fuck out and knock that abomination to who knows where. The dog is no help and now I can't get back to sleep knowing that creature is still alive AND IN MY ROOM!!

I think I need to move out...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Black Sky Radio

I've come into an interesting online community. Starting with Kevin Pollak's Chat Show on Sunday's at 6pm eastern time where Kevin spends sometimes up to over 2 amazing hours talking to guests, they also have an interactive chat room at the bottom of the screen. From this chat room I have made many, many online friends. Coupled with this blog (that I hate when I neglect for so long sometimes, my apologies!) I have friends from around the world! It's an awesome feeling. And these aren't people I just chat with through Facebook and Twitter. I mean like talking on the phone and using webcam, A LOT. lol Though its only been roughly over a year I feel like I've none some of these people for ages!

Black Sky Radio has been another big part of this. You can check them out at 2 of the hosts @Nightmare54 and @JennaAtBlackSky you can follow on Twitter. They always post links to the site and when special guests will be on for interviews and callers can chime in with their questions. Also, much like the Kevin Pollak Show, there is an interactive chat room that they set up so we the fans can all interact, ask questions, and just have a shitload of fun.

Up until about 6-7 months ago if I worked a morning shift and got home at 3pm I would have nothing to do so I would pass out, sleep til 8pm, then not be able to sleep all night, wake up in the morning, rinse and repeat. Obviously this was not good for my sleeping schedule but I just have such a hard time sleeping at night in general that napping in the afternoon would become the only rest I would really get. Then on Black Sky they added the chat room, which u can open from another page at Then u can listen to the music on their main page and then if u want during the down time Nightmare and Jenna can entertain u in the chat room. This became my savior. It kept me from napping and wasting my afternoon sleeping.

There's a lot of regulars in the chat with people from around the US like me in DC, people in Missouri, Texas, Los Angeles, and quite a few people from Scotland! We can all talk in the chat or also join in on the webcam fun. It's always a great time.

The past couple weeks, every Wednesday they have been having someone from the HBO series Band of Brothers since the 10 year anniversary is around the corner. Our friend in Scotland has been getting these interviews and for the past few weeks they've had Scott Grimes (voice of Steve in American Dad), James Madio (Hook), Ross McCall (TV's Crash), and coming up this Wednesday Dexter Fletcher (Hotel Babylon, Kick-Ass!!). The hosts are always awesome and the interviews very comfortable. They can have a guest on for hours and u wouldn't even know because its so engaging and informative.

Also tune in tomorrow for Fiesta Bo, @fiestabo on Twitter, who is Tom Hanks apprentice. Should be an awesome interview. Plus, when you come visit the chat room u also have the pleasure of seeing me! lol. I'm not there all the time as sometime I work in the afternoons.

So tune in!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The MilkMan Cometh...

As always, I've been MIA from the blog for awhile. Spending too much time on video games (Heavy Rain, Borderlands) but now I have free time to share this story.

Earlier this week I came home from the grocery store to find a dude with a crowbar running away from my door (cuz he heard my dog barking) and as he was running towards the stairs he shoved me against the wall. Not with the crowbar mind you, so I was OK, don't worry folks! So as he was starting to run down the stairs I was in complete awe of what was happening so in order to stop him I had my grocery bags and I threw my bag with a gallon of milk in it and it hit him in the back and he fell down the stairs and he hit his face on the concrete steps.

He was down for the count and I didn't know what to do so I called for help. A neighbor of mine had gotten back from work and heard me screaming so he ran up the stairs and saw me standing next to this guy who is laying on the ground, face bleeding, and a gallon of milk and a crowbar near him. He asked me what happened. I was in complete shock and just said "I threw milk at him..."

When he asked why I said he had tried to break into my house, then ran like a coward, so I didnt know what to do so I threw something at him. The milk was the heaviest thing I had. And I will admit, straight up, I was not some awesome bad ass when this happened. I wasn't thinking straight and when my neighbor found me I was, as he said, "pale as a ghost and trembling" so I'm not Spider-man (at least until I close my eyes and picture it).

My buddy Nightmare has dubbed me MilkMan and now I dont think that will ever be let down. lol Nightmare has a radio show online which u can listen to at Monday-Friday 3-8 eastern time. I had called in to his show and told the story on the air, hence where MilkMan came from. So now all my friends are calling me that too.