Monday, July 26, 2010


I don't know if I've mentioned this in the blog before but I have a serious case of arachnophobia. When I was around 7 I woke up because I felt a tickling on my foot. This is who I saw when I opened my eyes...


Ever since then I have been petrified by spiders and I always wear socks (I guess to protect my feet). The only time the socks come off is when I need to do water related things like shower, swim and what have you.

So it's 3:45 right now and around 3:00 I was peacefully sleeping when I rolled around I woke up because I realized I still had my headphones in listening to my Star Wars podcast. The moment my eyes were open I saw that hideous creature you see in the picture above, on my bed, staring me right in the eyes! All eight of them!!!

I flip the fuck out and knock that abomination to who knows where. The dog is no help and now I can't get back to sleep knowing that creature is still alive AND IN MY ROOM!!

I think I need to move out...


Bluedrakon said...

Shit dude, that must of been huge. How did someone's pet spider get into your room!

I feel your pain as I was in a sleepover in a fort we build and wok to see a spider hanging on a thread right above me - freaked the fuck out of me.

Seantaku said...

Wolf spiders aren't pet spiders. They aren't as big as they look in that picture. They are about 2 inches long, which is still big, just it's not like tarantula size or anything.

It's a big spider for my area and for it to be in my house is crazy!! lol

Helan Johns said...

I have had an experience similar to your and it was absolutely terrifying. I also have arachnophobia but I have learned to control it through ideas on I hope this helps people out there with arachnophobia.