Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wolverine Trailer

So here's the Wolverine movie trailer...


It had definitely caught my interest more so than I thought it would. The action scenes look pretty sweet, I just hope it doesn't sacrifice story for action. Wolverine has such a fucked up past and I can tell from the trailer they are making reference to the actual Wolverine: Origin comic book which I loved.

There are many cameos from popular X-men characters, some I'm still confused about who they are. But here are my thoughts on the ones I do know.

Gambit!!! Gambit looks awesome. Plain and simple. People are already complaining he doesn't have red eyes. Cry me a river. This guy looks more like Gambit than I thought he could. When they were making X-men 3 Scott Cann was in talks as Gambit. It makes me glad they didn't pass that one. And who knows, maybe sometime during the movie he will go balls out and his eyes will turn red.

The Blob. NOTHING CAN STOP THE BLOB! If this is not said in the movie I will be sad. He does look pretty cool though.

Deadpool. He was a favorite of mine as a kid. And for good reason. He's a smart mouthed mercenary. Always reminded me of Spider-man sometimes if Spidey killed people. Their masks are kinda similar too. I think the casting of Ryan Reynolds is perfect! He's got the sense of humor. But Deadpool is also deformed and wears a mask. Maybe they will show how he becomes deformed, I dunno.

Silverfox. Wolverine's woman. That's all you need to know

Young Stryker. He serves as the narrator basically in the trailer and he seems to have captured Brian Cox's voice from X2. Which makes me happy.

Victor Creed/Young Sabertooth. This one is the big question with people. I'm a Liev Schreiber fan. He doesn't look much like Sabertooth in this movie. He definitely doesn't look like Sabertooth in the first X-men movie. But as a young Victor Creed, I buy it. I like it. Why he's a shitload shorter in this movie and doesn't have long blonde hair than in X-men is something I hope they touch one. It will probably have to do with the Weapon X program. Most people have complained already about Creed's height in the trailer, how he's the same size as Wolverine.

Well, you have to look at it this way. Comic enthusiasts know that Wolverine is a whopping 5'3. A bit of a Napoleon complex I'm sure, hence the anger. Hugh Jackman is almost 6'3. Getting someone taller than that is really hard. I could ask Gheorge Muresan next time he stops into my work why he wasn't cast as Sabertooth but I'm sure he'd just laugh. He's 7'7 by the way.

When X-men 1 came out I remember being mad because my friends Cahill and Ron saw it before me. I ended up seeing it with Gaby so no hard feelings, but I remember Cahill being pissed and telling me Wolverine and Sabertooth had no history together. Wolverine pretty much hated him because he stole his dog tags. Judging by the trailer this might be something they touch on. Wolverine makes note in the trailer of wanting new dog tags that say Wolverine (something I found kinda lame). But I'm pretty sure we will all know that he'll get his mind wiped by the end of the flick so he won't remember Sabertooth in the 1st film.

Kinda like 3PO in Revenge of the Sith. lawlz.

Ok, I'm done. That went on long enough.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Deviant Art

So I finally decide to create a Deviant Art page. I honestly don't know what took me so long.

I don't have too much up at the moment but I hope you enjoy what's there. Mainly anime drawings.



Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Blog

This is my first blog here. Since I actually just wrote one last night on my Facebook I figure I'll just copy and paste that one over here. I guess it also actually can give you a pretty good idea of what I'm like. Enjoy...

I'm bored and I haven't done one of these in a few months so I figured why not. I shall bore you all with the geekiness that is my life.

1) I'll get this one out first since it's probably the lamest. As I am writing this I am listening to a Streaming Japanese Radio station online. I used to listen to this shit constantly! But then I didn't have internet for almost 4 months and once I got it back I kinda forgot about it. There used to be a time when I knew more about the popular music in Japan than anything going on here. If it wasn't for the radio at work I would have no idea what the kids these days are listening to. Once I realized it basically all crap I was glad I wasn't missing much. Though many could say the same thing about me. I mean, Japanese music? Really?! But hey, to each his own. In the eyes of the general public, I'm the weird one. lol I'm listening to a song right now that sounds almost exactly like a Japanese Jamiroquai. Pretty funky.

2) Today I saw a bootleg trailer for the new Wolverine movie. The quality sucked but that's ok because there was a half a second clip of fucking Gambit twirling his staff! It was just enough to get my fanboy blood a boiling.

3) Chrono Trigger, my favorite non Final Fantasy RPG of all time was actually ported to the Nintendo DS! This is great considering the original SNES version is pretty hard to come by (at least in good condition) and my SNES system is basically fried. So after working on Black Friday I was able to get myself a copy of the DS version at Gamestop. Merry Christmas to me!

4) I got my Haruhi Suzumiya Figma figure recently. It's a ridiculously posable figure with interchangeable hands and face. Sound lame? Yeah it probably is but these are the things that make me happy. Plus I got it for dirt cheap. Sometimes it's worth waiting awhile for things to drop in price. Happy Birthday to me!

5) My entire loft is now WiFi crazy! The Fortress of Solitude is now tapped into the online world of gaming. If I'm bored I'll get on my Playstation 3, pop in Soul Calibur 4, connect to an online game, and get my ass literally handed to me by gamers across the globe. I'm being completely honest. I'm decent at Soul Calibur but the people online are 10 times better than Ahmad playing as Cervantes. It's extremely frustrating but I do enjoy the fact that there is ALWAYS someone to play with. Plus it gives me something to strive for. Get better than the 13 year children who are undoubtedly talking smack about me as they "Ring Out" my sorry ass over and over. I need to get a headset so that once I get good I can talk trash to these little fuckers.

It's amazing how much time has changed. Not too long ago if you wanted to play multi player you had to be in the same room with your buddies and play on one tv. Gameboys had to be plugged into each other with a 3 foot wire. I have a few anime fighting games on my DS that most of my friends wouldn't be caught dead playing. In the past they would be games I would die to play but wouldn't bother wasting money on because I would have no one to play with. Now I plop down in my chair, turn on the DS, and in less than a minute I can play with loads of people online. Fucking awesome.

Well it's 3:50am and I have more shit to do before bed such as watching some Last Exile (which so far is an amazing anime) and maybe squeeze in some Chrono Trigger.

I have so much time and so little to do...

Scratch that, reverse it...