Saturday, December 18, 2010


I've probably said it 1000 times but I still don't get it. And I guess I never will. Why discriminate? Seriously?? Why?

Definitely one of my biggest pet peeves. I don't believe anyone should be judged by their race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything. Thats just how I was raised. If someone is an asshole, well then they are just an asshole. lol Doesnt matter what they look like.

I bring this up because I just read this article...

Racists Demand Thor Boycott

White supremacist group hates the idea of Elba as Heimdall.

A white supremacist group is so peeved about black English actorIdris Elba playing the Norse mythological god Heimdall in Thorthat they're urging a boycott of the upcoming Marvel movie.

The Guardian reports that the U.S.-based Council of Conservative Citizens has established a web site to allow other like-minded people to boycott the Kenneth Branagh-directed film because of the change in Heimdall's race.

I'm pretty sure Thor never said "Wait, Black Panther is joining The Avengers? Fuck this noise I'm out"

I could care less what color his skin was. If the dude can act and pull off an awesome Hiemdall then I'm all for it.

Sorry, I just had to vent. I have a sinus infection and I'm in a bad mood. Hahaha. But hey, thats what the blog is for right?!


Monday, December 13, 2010


So about a year ago I created an account on to post my pictures. Here is an email I just received today...

"Silverpop Systems, Inc., a leading marketing company that sends email messages for its clients, told us that information was taken from its servers. This was probably part of a sweep by spammers. As a result, email addresses belonging to deviantART members were copied. Corresponding usernames and birth date may also have been removed.

We can assure you that nothing occurred on our systems with respect to this incident and no access was gained to private information on deviantART’s servers.

As a member of deviantART, you certainly have a right to know when an incident of this kind occurs. Unfortunately spammers are an unavoidable part of living on the Web.

The likely result of this event might be an increase in spam to your email. Experts have told us that there is an increase in email scams out there on the Internet and you should be cautious. Only click links or download attachments from people you know, particularly if they ask for personal information, and be sure that your email service provider has adequate spam filters.

Because we value the information that members give us, we have decided not to rely on the services of Silverpop in the future and their servers will no longer hold any data from us. "

Ok, first off, I read that as "SilverPoop" and I laughed. Just sayin. Second, WTF? Man I hate you spammers! There is honestly nothing better to do with your free time? I'm actually deleting spammers at this very moment from the Kevin Pollak Chat Show forum, AS I WRITE THIS.

Spammers: Find something better to do with your life like get a job.

And a girlfriend.

End communication. :-)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Am I crazy...?

I am a huge fan of Dexter. Both the tv show and the books. Some friends of mine even started a new online show called Stupid for Dexter in which they talk about the latest episode in depth and even have guests come on and discuss as well.

During the show they have some Dexter bobbleheads sitting on the desk. The one of Dexter himself always throws me off because all I see is Anakin Skywalker from the Clone Wars cartoon. Am I crazy? You be the judge...

lol, god I am such a dork...