Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One of those days...

I'm usually always in a grumpy mood when it comes to everything (hence the blog title) but good lord I hate those days when all these little annoying things happen and it just seems like nothing is really going your way. I had one of those today...

I worked a short shift at work this morning which wasn't too bad. My plan was to go straight from work over to my storage facility so I could start cleaning some more crap out of there. As I'm about to leave I remember "Crap, I left the storage key at home". *sigh* So now I have to drive all the way home first to get the key. So right from the start I'm already kinda peeved. Now it normally takes me about 7 minutes to get to my storage place from my house depending on how many traffic lights I hit. There are a bunch but they are normally always in my favor. NOT TODAY! So out of about 13 lights I hit 11 of them. That is absolutely unheard of. Then some woman in a PT Cruiser starts tailgating my ass. Being one of my biggest pet peeves on the road I switch over to the other lane to let the crazy retard past me in hopes that she'll kill herself somewhere down the road far away from me. Of course now I've apparently switched over to the "slow driving moron lane". And I mean painfully slow. So I'm trying to switch back into the other lane but all these other cars are flying passed me cause we're moving to slow. So I gave up.

Finally I'm in the home stretch. All I have to do it drive up this hill and then it's about a mile away. There are three lanes at this point but being the genius I am I stay in the right lane because I know the far left lane is going to have to merge into the middle lane very shortly. So as I'm about to get over the hill we all come to a complete stop. Weird, the next light is pretty far away isn't it? So I sit there inching along for 7 minutes til I get over the hill to see that there is construction! Yay! They are closing off the right lane in 500 feet!! Joy of joys! So now they have it set up so both the left and right lanes are feeding into the one middle lane. Fucking brilliant. I sure know when to chose the right days to do something productive!

So in the end my normal 7 minute drive took 40 minutes. Boy did that put me in a good mood.

I finally get to the storage unit, park my car, get a cart, and wheel it to my unit. Now mind you my initial plan was to load up my car (which can barely hold shit might I add) with stuff we don't need and make several trips back and forth to the local dump a few miles away. So I start loading up my car which is a pain in my ass considering I have a bad back but hey somebody's gotta do it. When I'm about to leave I realize "Fuck, if I go to the dump I'm going to have to come back through all that traffic to get back to the storage unit!" Noooooooooooooo!

But then I see a glimmer of hope! There are the end of row of my storage units is a giant dumpster! I've never noticed it before. So I drive the car to the end of the road to check out the dumpster. There are signs reading "Do NOT leave garbage outside the dumpster. If you need to use the dumpster please ask a manager for permission to unlock. All activity is being monitored by camera". I glance up and there is indeed a camera. So I drive my car back down to my unit, get out, walk in the building and walk all the way down this long ass hallway to the office door.


The fuck? It's never locked. So I knock a few times and get nothing. So I proceed to a door to the right that leads outside to the actual MAIN door to the office. Locked. I notice a sign that says "Sorry Management is showing new Storage Unit to customer" Awesome, just what I need. So I got back to my unit and just started wheeling stuff outside with the cart and leaving it by my car so that way I'll have a bunch of stuff to take to the dumpster once I get someone to unlock it. It's about this time I really need to use the bathroom. Of course the bathroom is in the office which is locked. So I have to tough it out. Every 5 minutes or so I would walk down the long hallway to the office to see if they were open and it would always be locked. Guess how long it took for this asswipe to get back to the office?

45 damn minutes!!! I really need to go to the bathroom at this point and I mean it's killing me so I ask the guy 2 questions. 1) May I please use your restroom? and 2) Can you please unlock the dumpster for me?

"Sorry our bathroom is out of order but you can use the dumpster. It's already unlocked for everyone to use, just pull the gate open"

Me: *twitch twitch* You... don't.... say............?


I'm not even going to bore you with the details of the pain and agony I was experiencing in mind and body while trying to lift heavy furniture up and over into the TOP of the dumpster because they wouldn't fit through the sides. And I don't even want to get into the ride home...

All in all it sure was a fun day and I hope to have more like it soon!

I'm still here...

Yeah I haven't been around in awhile. I hate not being able to blog. Lately I've just been dealing with a lot of stuff. I was sick for awhile, my diet has made me irritable, and I've had some family issues that have been going on. All in all, not a good week or so for me. Good news is that during the time I have lost some weight. It's only a couple pounds but it's still something. Don't know whether to thank the diet or the sickness. Hmmm...

So here are a few random things I thought I'd bring up...

-I was just reading an article, which you too can read HERE about how Avatar may be the top "grossing" movie of all time but that doesn't mean it's the biggest movie of all time like they have been claiming. Back when Titanic surpassed Star Wars as the "biggest movie of all time" I would always argue the fact that just because it made more money doesn't exactly make it bigger. Because it all has to do with ticket prices! How much money do you think a movie ticket cost back in 1977? Not much I'll tell ya that. Plus because Avatar is also in 3D that bumps the price up to $13 a ticket! So obviously something like that is going to rake in more dough.

But that's not the point of the article. The point is that if rated by the number of actual tickets sold then Star Wars A New Hope comes in at number 2 and Avatar all the way down at number 26. HA! God I love it. Empire and Jedi are on there too :-) Ahhh it's things like this that make me happy.

- I rented the movie Moon starring Sam Rockwell the other day. If you want to see a great flick in the spirit of Twilight Zone and 2001 A Space Odyssey, then definitely check out this movie. The less you know going into the movie the more you'll enjoy it. Trust me. Sam Rockwell needs more work.

-I mentioned awhile back that I ordered some memory foam for my mattress in hopes it would help with my back and my sleeping. Well I can honestly tell you that I am really starting to notice a difference in my back, which is awesome. As for sleep, not so much. My sleeping habits are basically still the same I'm now just more comfortable as I toss and turn in the wee hours of the night. Oh well, I tried. Guess the only way I'm gonna be able to get a normal nights sleep is to get sleeping pills from a doctor. And I can tell ya right now there is no way in hell I'm doing that.

I've got more to say considering I have been gone for over a week but I shall save those for future blogs this week.


Monday, January 11, 2010

District 10

OK now bear with me on this one. I hope at least some of you can understand where I'm coming from with this. I'll just go right out and explain what it is that's bothering me instead of trying to get you to relate first.

So the neighborhood where I live is right next to a "gated" community. When you pull onto my street you can either turn right to go down my road or turn left only to be stopped by a huge metal gate. For the longest time I had no idea why this neighborhood was restricted. There is even a big sign off to the side that says something along the lines of "Government Property, No Trespassing or you will be fucking killed" blah blah blah. My geek brain insured me that this was obviously where the government was keeping the aliens that live amongst us. I would later begin to refer to it as District 10. Sadly, years later, I was told the truth that it's actually a community for the people that work down the street at this federal technology agency. Why they get some fancy fenced in community all to themselves I have no idea.

But now here's what's bothering me. At the beginning of the month, starting on New Years Day, there was a cop car sitting on the other side of the gate. Now cops are coming in and out of that neighborhood all the time, so I didn't think much of it until the next day when I saw the car was there again. Not only was it still there but I realized that it never left! There also wasn't even a cop in the car the whole time. So here we have this car, inside the gated neighborhood, blocking the entrance/exit so no one can get in or out. The first few days I kind of assumed that maybe it had something to do with it being New Years weekend but then I thought that that doesn't make any sense! You can't just "close" a neighborhood. I know that these people are apparently special and all and need their privacy but at some point someone is going to have to leave to run errands or something!

No, nothing.

The cop car was there for 5 days. 5 days! No one came in or out. How is that even possible?! And now that the car is gone I notice that half the time I drive by the gate is wide open! I could walk/drive right in if I wanted. I'm pretty sure they have canon towers somewhere in there so I don't want to risk it.
So not only does this bother me because I have no idea what's going on, but it really drives me crazy that I will NEVER know what was going on. I asked a neighbor if she had any idea what was going on over there.

Lady: I noticed that too. That cop car has been blocking the entrance for days now. I don't think it's moved.
Me: You have no idea why?
Lady: Haven't really thought much about it.
Me: I mean, those people need to leave at some point right?
Lady: Yeah I guess you're right. Didn't really think about that.

What the fuck? Am I the only one that is bothered by this? Here is a huge neighborhood that is fenced off. How is it that not a single person is able to enter or exit for 5 days? Someone would of had to leave at some point. Maybe it happened while I was at work. It's not like I was staring at this place the whole 5 days. but even if that is the case and someone did leave at some point, it would have been a big inconvenience considering how the cop car was blocking it and there is never an actual cop in sight. So weird.

So today when I was coming back home from work I noticed a cop car sitting at the entrance to my neighborhood. He wasn't behind the gate or anything, plus the gate was wide open. So since this has been bothering me all week I decided to roll down my window and asked the cop if he knew if there was anything going on in that neighborhood.

"Don't worry about it"

That's all he says. He was all serious about it too. What the hell is going on over there? It's things like this that really drive me crazy. I just want to know what's happening! Next time I see that gate open I think I'm just going bolt in there.

I imagine it'll be like a movie where I run in flipping around like Yoda, dodging canon fire, flaming arrows, landmines, and lasers and then I'm going to reach the center of the neighborhood only to discover that the secret this neighborhood has been keeping is that they have a fucking baby Brontosaurus or something being held captive. Then suddenly all these search lights will spot me and helicopters will coming flying out of no where with machines guns aimed at me. The baby Brontosaurus will notice that I mean it no harm and stand in between myself and the helicopters as a means of protecting me. Not wanting to harm the Brontosaurus, the helicopters will stand down. They know how valuable this creature is and that no harm should be brought to it. But suddenly, out of no where, the power hungry General leaps from the skies in a giant Exo-frame and grabs the baby dinosaur by the tail. In an attempt to toss the poor dinosaur (ala Bowser in Mario 64) the General starts swinging the Brontosaurus like a rag doll. With what little strength I have, I leap onto the Exo-frame and impale the General with a lightsaber that the Brontosaurus gave me mere seconds before the helicopters showed up. As the General takes his last remaining breath he mentions that Brontosaurus was his favorite dinosaur as a kid, and with a tear in his eye he tries to look at the dinosaur to say "I'm sorry" but all that comes out is a gurgle. And with that, he is gone. The people of the neighborhood realize their mistake and decide to worship the Brontosaurus as a god.

"Bronty" as he would eventually be named by the townsfolk, ruled over the community in a fair and just manner while I, Sean, was able to sleep well at night knowing what exactly had been going on behind those gates.

The End...

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions

First of all thank you to everyone for the Christmas/Birthday/New Years wishes. I really appreciate it!

I can't remember the last time I actually made a New Years Resolution. I'm never actually going to do it so what's the point? Well this year I am going to do one. Since I haven't been sticking by my diet like I should, that's what I'm gonna do. Weight loss is a common resolution for people but my fucking god I'm sick of being overweight. I haven't been happy in awhile because of it. So that's my deal and I'm sticking with it. And it's going to suck, badly...

Lose the weight dummy!!

As for fun personal things, I'm almost done with Dragon Age. I've been taking my sweet time with it but I work in phases. I'm also trying to find some new manga to read or anime to watch. There's just so much! Basically I'm looking for a new anime that airs a new episode every week in Japan. Like something to look forward to. Also, if I wasn't a big enough geek already I started watching Doctor Who last night on Netflix. I've heard nothing but good things from friends and family and I definitely enjoyed what I saw. Gotta love those Brits.

At this very moment I am downloading the new Weezer single "(If Your Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To". Can't get that chorus out of my head! Great song. Except it keeps saying error when I download it. WTF? I better not keep getting charged every time I try this.

Sadly for a good part of my time off last week I felt pretty sick. Went out for New Years Eve to a friends house and could barely bring myself to drink anything. Talk about a bummer. I'm feeling a bit better which is nice but I'm also back at work which is not so nice. After 5 days off, going back to work is like putting your head in a vise. And not in the funny way like when Moe does it to Curly.

I got to catch up on some reading too. A real book, not a comic book or manga. Granted it's a Star Wars book, but a book nonetheless!! And it's friggin long too.

Well I'm off for now. Rented the CGI movie 9 so I'm just gonna lay down and watch that and hope that I feel a lot better tomorrow...