Monday, January 11, 2010

District 10

OK now bear with me on this one. I hope at least some of you can understand where I'm coming from with this. I'll just go right out and explain what it is that's bothering me instead of trying to get you to relate first.

So the neighborhood where I live is right next to a "gated" community. When you pull onto my street you can either turn right to go down my road or turn left only to be stopped by a huge metal gate. For the longest time I had no idea why this neighborhood was restricted. There is even a big sign off to the side that says something along the lines of "Government Property, No Trespassing or you will be fucking killed" blah blah blah. My geek brain insured me that this was obviously where the government was keeping the aliens that live amongst us. I would later begin to refer to it as District 10. Sadly, years later, I was told the truth that it's actually a community for the people that work down the street at this federal technology agency. Why they get some fancy fenced in community all to themselves I have no idea.

But now here's what's bothering me. At the beginning of the month, starting on New Years Day, there was a cop car sitting on the other side of the gate. Now cops are coming in and out of that neighborhood all the time, so I didn't think much of it until the next day when I saw the car was there again. Not only was it still there but I realized that it never left! There also wasn't even a cop in the car the whole time. So here we have this car, inside the gated neighborhood, blocking the entrance/exit so no one can get in or out. The first few days I kind of assumed that maybe it had something to do with it being New Years weekend but then I thought that that doesn't make any sense! You can't just "close" a neighborhood. I know that these people are apparently special and all and need their privacy but at some point someone is going to have to leave to run errands or something!

No, nothing.

The cop car was there for 5 days. 5 days! No one came in or out. How is that even possible?! And now that the car is gone I notice that half the time I drive by the gate is wide open! I could walk/drive right in if I wanted. I'm pretty sure they have canon towers somewhere in there so I don't want to risk it.
So not only does this bother me because I have no idea what's going on, but it really drives me crazy that I will NEVER know what was going on. I asked a neighbor if she had any idea what was going on over there.

Lady: I noticed that too. That cop car has been blocking the entrance for days now. I don't think it's moved.
Me: You have no idea why?
Lady: Haven't really thought much about it.
Me: I mean, those people need to leave at some point right?
Lady: Yeah I guess you're right. Didn't really think about that.

What the fuck? Am I the only one that is bothered by this? Here is a huge neighborhood that is fenced off. How is it that not a single person is able to enter or exit for 5 days? Someone would of had to leave at some point. Maybe it happened while I was at work. It's not like I was staring at this place the whole 5 days. but even if that is the case and someone did leave at some point, it would have been a big inconvenience considering how the cop car was blocking it and there is never an actual cop in sight. So weird.

So today when I was coming back home from work I noticed a cop car sitting at the entrance to my neighborhood. He wasn't behind the gate or anything, plus the gate was wide open. So since this has been bothering me all week I decided to roll down my window and asked the cop if he knew if there was anything going on in that neighborhood.

"Don't worry about it"

That's all he says. He was all serious about it too. What the hell is going on over there? It's things like this that really drive me crazy. I just want to know what's happening! Next time I see that gate open I think I'm just going bolt in there.

I imagine it'll be like a movie where I run in flipping around like Yoda, dodging canon fire, flaming arrows, landmines, and lasers and then I'm going to reach the center of the neighborhood only to discover that the secret this neighborhood has been keeping is that they have a fucking baby Brontosaurus or something being held captive. Then suddenly all these search lights will spot me and helicopters will coming flying out of no where with machines guns aimed at me. The baby Brontosaurus will notice that I mean it no harm and stand in between myself and the helicopters as a means of protecting me. Not wanting to harm the Brontosaurus, the helicopters will stand down. They know how valuable this creature is and that no harm should be brought to it. But suddenly, out of no where, the power hungry General leaps from the skies in a giant Exo-frame and grabs the baby dinosaur by the tail. In an attempt to toss the poor dinosaur (ala Bowser in Mario 64) the General starts swinging the Brontosaurus like a rag doll. With what little strength I have, I leap onto the Exo-frame and impale the General with a lightsaber that the Brontosaurus gave me mere seconds before the helicopters showed up. As the General takes his last remaining breath he mentions that Brontosaurus was his favorite dinosaur as a kid, and with a tear in his eye he tries to look at the dinosaur to say "I'm sorry" but all that comes out is a gurgle. And with that, he is gone. The people of the neighborhood realize their mistake and decide to worship the Brontosaurus as a god.

"Bronty" as he would eventually be named by the townsfolk, ruled over the community in a fair and just manner while I, Sean, was able to sleep well at night knowing what exactly had been going on behind those gates.

The End...


Michael is Low on Hit Points said...

The cop car may have been there to block the gate if it was broken (ie., why it was always open when it shouldn't be). The neighborhood probably has other exits, and the residents were told to use those while the gate was under repair. The gate was probably never repaired... such is the way of things. The cop brushed you off because way too many cops are dicks (some are nice though!). That's my crazy theory based off of what you've laid out here.

Good write up; it stayed interesting, like some kind of real life thriller. Unfortunately, the truth behind it all is probably pretty bland...

On an unrelated note, I finally signed onto PSN and got your friend request (I have lately been playing Valkyria Chronicles offline, or not playing anything at all). So hopefully I'll run into you online sometime and we can play some BlazBlue.

Seantaku said...

Hey man good to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed it. I just went kinda all out of that one because, as you said, the truth was probably pretty bland. lol.

Awesome u signed back on PSN. I myself haven't been on either in quite a while due to a lot or Warcraft and anime marathons. But yeah, hope to see ya on there!

Bluedrakon said...

May want to see if you have any extra parts or glow at night. What a freaky thing to be going on right by you. May want to drop a line to the local news station, might be interesting what they dig up.