Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One of those days...

I'm usually always in a grumpy mood when it comes to everything (hence the blog title) but good lord I hate those days when all these little annoying things happen and it just seems like nothing is really going your way. I had one of those today...

I worked a short shift at work this morning which wasn't too bad. My plan was to go straight from work over to my storage facility so I could start cleaning some more crap out of there. As I'm about to leave I remember "Crap, I left the storage key at home". *sigh* So now I have to drive all the way home first to get the key. So right from the start I'm already kinda peeved. Now it normally takes me about 7 minutes to get to my storage place from my house depending on how many traffic lights I hit. There are a bunch but they are normally always in my favor. NOT TODAY! So out of about 13 lights I hit 11 of them. That is absolutely unheard of. Then some woman in a PT Cruiser starts tailgating my ass. Being one of my biggest pet peeves on the road I switch over to the other lane to let the crazy retard past me in hopes that she'll kill herself somewhere down the road far away from me. Of course now I've apparently switched over to the "slow driving moron lane". And I mean painfully slow. So I'm trying to switch back into the other lane but all these other cars are flying passed me cause we're moving to slow. So I gave up.

Finally I'm in the home stretch. All I have to do it drive up this hill and then it's about a mile away. There are three lanes at this point but being the genius I am I stay in the right lane because I know the far left lane is going to have to merge into the middle lane very shortly. So as I'm about to get over the hill we all come to a complete stop. Weird, the next light is pretty far away isn't it? So I sit there inching along for 7 minutes til I get over the hill to see that there is construction! Yay! They are closing off the right lane in 500 feet!! Joy of joys! So now they have it set up so both the left and right lanes are feeding into the one middle lane. Fucking brilliant. I sure know when to chose the right days to do something productive!

So in the end my normal 7 minute drive took 40 minutes. Boy did that put me in a good mood.

I finally get to the storage unit, park my car, get a cart, and wheel it to my unit. Now mind you my initial plan was to load up my car (which can barely hold shit might I add) with stuff we don't need and make several trips back and forth to the local dump a few miles away. So I start loading up my car which is a pain in my ass considering I have a bad back but hey somebody's gotta do it. When I'm about to leave I realize "Fuck, if I go to the dump I'm going to have to come back through all that traffic to get back to the storage unit!" Noooooooooooooo!

But then I see a glimmer of hope! There are the end of row of my storage units is a giant dumpster! I've never noticed it before. So I drive the car to the end of the road to check out the dumpster. There are signs reading "Do NOT leave garbage outside the dumpster. If you need to use the dumpster please ask a manager for permission to unlock. All activity is being monitored by camera". I glance up and there is indeed a camera. So I drive my car back down to my unit, get out, walk in the building and walk all the way down this long ass hallway to the office door.


The fuck? It's never locked. So I knock a few times and get nothing. So I proceed to a door to the right that leads outside to the actual MAIN door to the office. Locked. I notice a sign that says "Sorry Management is showing new Storage Unit to customer" Awesome, just what I need. So I got back to my unit and just started wheeling stuff outside with the cart and leaving it by my car so that way I'll have a bunch of stuff to take to the dumpster once I get someone to unlock it. It's about this time I really need to use the bathroom. Of course the bathroom is in the office which is locked. So I have to tough it out. Every 5 minutes or so I would walk down the long hallway to the office to see if they were open and it would always be locked. Guess how long it took for this asswipe to get back to the office?

45 damn minutes!!! I really need to go to the bathroom at this point and I mean it's killing me so I ask the guy 2 questions. 1) May I please use your restroom? and 2) Can you please unlock the dumpster for me?

"Sorry our bathroom is out of order but you can use the dumpster. It's already unlocked for everyone to use, just pull the gate open"

Me: *twitch twitch* You... don't.... say............?


I'm not even going to bore you with the details of the pain and agony I was experiencing in mind and body while trying to lift heavy furniture up and over into the TOP of the dumpster because they wouldn't fit through the sides. And I don't even want to get into the ride home...

All in all it sure was a fun day and I hope to have more like it soon!

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Bluedrakon said...

Damn - sounds like one of my bad days. What could of gone wrong in a short period of time did and just kept escalating.
I guess the good news is that you got some "crap" out of the storage locker.