Monday, February 1, 2010

What scares you...?

There are few things that scare me in life. The first is spiders and the second is ghosts.

Do I believe in ghosts? Hard to say. I am definitely interested in them though. Ever since I was a kid I was always watching creepy shows on TV about ghosts and aliens. My mom would always yell at me to turn them off because they would give me nightmares but I would never listen, even though I knew she was right. I was a sick kid. lol. I loved to get scared and then would hate myself that night when it was time for bed and I couldn't sleep. Dreams of ghosts would haunt my mind and keep me up til the sun came up.
Now that I am older these things still disturb me. Spiders mainly since I see them all the time. Ghosts not so much as it's all in my head. I was honestly excited to see the movie Paranormal Activity because I was looking for a movie to actually scare me. It was cool and I enjoyed it but I was actually able to go home that night and sleep peacefully. I thought it was going to prevent me from sleeping for days! So I was disappointed in that regard. A movie hasn't really scared me in a decade because horror movies suck now these days except for one. And it's not even a horror movie it's more of a suspense. Plus, there are no ghosts.

The Strangers.
Man that movie was awesome. I hadn't been that creeped out since the original Halloween. I didn't have nightmares about it but every time I walked my dog outside near the woods or I passed by a window in my condo I had shivers go down my spine.

Which brings me to the reason for this whole post. Last night I somehow stumbled upon a youtube video that brought back terrible, terrible memories. It's from the original TV mini-series for Stephen King's Salem's Lot. When I saw this as a kid there was this one scene that prevented me from sleeping for god knows how long. Luckily I have the clip right here for all to view! *shudder*

Salem's Lot- Kid at Window

If you didn't click on the video I have to make you view a screen shot...

Sweet merciful crap!! That scene ruined my life. In my sick twisted imagination that little boy was outside my window every fucking night for weeks scratching, scratching, scratching at my window but I would never let him in. I would pull the covers over my head and hope he would just go away, but he never did because he was in my mind.

I thought that maybe seeing that scene again as an adult would be less creepy but no, it's just as unsettling.

Anyone remember this scene? If not, what prevented you from sleeping as a kid?


phossil said...

Im more scared about snakes than paranormal stuff.

Seantaku said...

Really? I actually own a snake. I don't have a problem with them at all. I think they are awesome. But I don't judge people for being afraid of them considering I am afraid of spiders. lol

I'm gonna do a post on Rikki Tikki Tavi sometime soon. It has to do with snakes so if I add videos to the blog you might not want to watch.

Bluedrakon said...

hate spiders - ugh!

Still, as a nature photographer, I have taken tons of photos of them to my wife's discontent. I know she hates them more that me to the power of pi.

I do believe in the paranormal as well, but try to make sure I hang around friend spirits.

Em said...

i believe in ghosts.