Monday, September 6, 2010

Bad Food

So awhile back my brother introduced me to this Chinese restaurant down the street. While not as awesome as our normal restaurant, which is farther away sadly, it is still pretty damn good. They have these amazing Crab Rangoons and their General Tso is pretty sweet.

I wanted to get some food in me tonight before I met up with friends and I had a hankerin for some General Tso's. I call ahead for carryout and when I get there the sign outside is different. Instead it says that it's a Persian cousine restaurant. *scratches head in confusion*

According to the hostess its the same place but now they serve both Persian and Chinese food. Looking in the bag I got really excited because they added in soup, 2 egg rolls, and a can of coke and I didn't have to pay anything extra. Definitely felt I got my monies worth!

Until I ate it....

I have never had worse food before. The chicken was way too dry and crispy, I could barely chew it and the Crab Rangoons tasted like the inside of a Tauntaun. I spend $17 and I get something that tastes worse than dog poop and I can get that for free at my house if I ever sunk that low. It's terrible that someone can come in and buy a company and produce food that is 10x worse than it was before. Perhaps the chefs were being lazy because its Labor Day and they didn't want to be at work so just half-assed it. Even if that was the case, I can't bring myself to give them a second chance. It was THAT bad.

Just now as I was talking to my friend BlueDrakon he asked on Twitter "Do you think u just ate dog or cat?" I told him "Im thinking platypus or ring-tailed lemur..." Maybe it's all of the above. The texture is not very consistant between pieces. I could have an entire amazon forest in there. I'm not gonna finish it to find out.

Anyone else have problems like this before?