Sunday, August 15, 2010

Young Sean's Letter to George Lucas

I was talking RTS games (Real Time Strategy) with a co-worker today and it reminded me of something. When I was about 11/12 I was obsessed with playing Warcraft (not much has changed apparently) and since I was also completely obsessed with Star Wars I thought it would be a cool idea if they had made a game that was a cross between Warcraft and Star Wars. Basically a Star Wars RTS game. My dad suggested I write a letter telling them my idea. So I actually mailed a letter to George Lucas explaining my idea. I actually did get a response which was really cool. It was a letter from Lucasfilm basically saying that they can't "accept unsolicited submissions or ideas" and that they had to return my letter unread. They did however enclosed a photograph from Return of the Jedi with it. As a kid I was happy as shit. The letter had the LucasFilm logo on the top and looked very professional.

So when I got back from work today I immediately went to look for it. I found it in a box with a lot of my other Star Wars stuff. I'm now really glad they sent my letter back because it was so funny to read something I wrote when I was a kid to George Lucas. I'm still laughing at the fact that I didn't mail it to LucasArts the video game company but to George Lucas himself, as if he has the time to read it.

So it brings me great pleasure to share with you my letter to Lucas, grammatical errors and all...

Dear Mr. Lucas,
Hey how's it going? My name is Sean. I'm a die hard Star Wars fan. You and Steven Speilberg are the coolest directors ever. I just finished writing a letter to Steven. I have a subscribe to Star Wars Insider. It's a great magazine. I wanted to purchase a silver 2 1/2 inch Boba Fett figurine. The ad said to call between 7am-11pm. When I called at 8pm it said that the hours to call were 8am-4:30pm. I was really upset that I couldn't get it. I also wanted to say that my friend and I, Danny, whose brother Steve writes to you, have an idea for a Star Wars game that LucasArts can make. It's a cross between Star Wars and Warcraft. Warcraft is a game everybody plays. You should check it out. What you can do is have different races like Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Wookies, the empire, rebellion, stuff like that. Then you build up your men and go into battle. It's much easier to understand if you play Warcraft. I make movies with my video camera because I plan to be a director when I grow up. The movie I'm making right now is Star Wars. My dad thinks your a genius because you took a billion dollar movie, added new footage, released it again, and made another billion dollars. Plus the new trilogy is coming out in a few years and all the games LucasArts is making. You are one rich man. I don't want to sound needy but can I have an autograph?

Sean Foster *There is also a picture I drew of a Jawa saying "Tee dee!"

P.S. I am starting a Boba Fett collection. If you have any B. F. stuff you don't need I'll buy it. Also if you have the internet this is a good webpage to go to about Star Wars. My friend's brother made it. It's called Steve's Docking Bay 94.

How adorable was I? Only a child would start a letter to a celebrity "Hey, how's it going?" and have the balls to ask George Lucas if he had any spare Boba Fett "stuff". Ahh I love it.

Ironically enough, several years later they did come out with a Star Wars RTS game! No I don't think they stole my idea, but it is kinda funny. It was everything I hoped it would be! lol

It was my idea first!!

Just had to share that with you all. It fun finding things from my past. It's also nice to know that nothing has changed 15 years later. I love Star Wars more than ever and I still play Warcraft. HA!


LinDzWo said...

This is great! :)

Nuke718 said...

Quite the letter, way to go!