Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Customer Service my ass...

A year ago I posted about how I hated the damn ear plug head phones they give you with your iPod. I never understood those things. Why are they so awkwardly shaped? Do they honestly think this is the universal shape of the human race's ear? Maybe it's just me. Apparently the inside of my left ear is the dark disfigured twin brother of my right ear. The Yin to it's Yang. The Hugo to his Bart. Hellboy was born with the "Right Hand of Doom" while I was blessed with the "Left Ear of Gimptastic Retardation"

A few weeks back I finally got fed up with my headphones popping out of that ear while I was laying in bed listening to music. I went to Best Buy in search of those ear phones that wrap around your ear, that way I knew those little bastards couldn't pop out. I found a pretty solid pair for about $20. Took them home, tried them on, fit great, but the sound quality sucked ass. That metallic type of sound. So a few days ago I had the chance to finally return these cursed things and get my money back. The advantage of being a creature of the night is that I get to do all my shopping at that point. I tell ya, the grocery store is a lot more peaceful at 10pm and I don't have to wait 20 minutes to return something to the Redbox. Same goes for Best Buy. The customer service line at 8:30 was basically nonexistent. Just they way I like it.

In fact it was completely dead. There was one customer at the counter waiting but nobody behind the desk. So there I sat for 5 minutes and nobody is around. 5 minutes is a long time where you are standing there like an idiot trying to find things to pretend to look at interested and girls you have to pretend you AREN'T trying to look at. Eventually this older Best Buy employee comes back carrying some product. I guess the dude waiting at the counter was waiting for them to go find something for him. This is when it gets annoying. The customer just starts arguing with the employee. I'm 10 feet away buy I honestly had no idea what was being said even though it was pretty loud. This started around 8:40.

This goes on for awhile. From what I could gather he wanted to exchange something expensive that he had broken 6 months ago with no receipt and obviously way past the 30 day return policy. Gotta love people. At 8:50 the Best Buy guy can obviously tell how aggravated I am since I have been standing for 20 minutes and have had no assistance whatsoever. So he asks me real quick "What do you need today sir?" and I said "I just have to pair of headphones to return. I have the receipt and everything is in the box. I'm ready to go" so he says to the customer "Do you mind if I help him real quick, it will only take a second?"
"No. You help me first, then him. I was here first."

So I throw up my arms in obvious frustration and says to the employee "Hey, thanks for trying". At exactly 8:56 (I was checking my cellphone constantly since I had nothing else to look at) another person decided to show up at customer service. Finally! Where the fuck have you been the past 26 minutes?? Granted the store closes at 9 so everyone is trying to get everything cleaned up so they can leave. So this lady seems to be a manager of sorts and she takes over to help the disgruntled douche bag and the older guy finally helps me. Here is exactly how it played out.
"Sorry for the wait"
"(angry) It happens"
"You said you wanted to return headphones?"
"Yeah, they don't fit in my right ear"
"OK. Since you used debit for the purchase I can only give you cash back, is that alright?"
"That's fine"
"Alright there you go. Would you like to keep the receipts?"
"No, I'm alright, thanks"

I think we all have an Inner Sakura waiting to burst. I was very close...

That was it. I waited almost a half hour for that. So I pretty much got a dollar back for each minute I stood there. So as I walked away I passed the angry customer, smiled, and said "One minute. That's all I needed. Thanks a lot" What an ass. Waste my time like that. Plus the store was closing at the point so I didn't get to look around like I wanted to which really pissed me off. Well, I could have, but once I store is closed I hate being that person who dicks around so the staff can't go home. I work in retail, I know what it's like.

So disgruntled customer, where ever you are out there, I hate you and everybody like you...


Bluedrakon said...

gotta love idiots trying to get something for nothing. I feel for the guy behind the counter as I am sure he just wanted to get the hell out of there like everyone else.

Seantaku said...

Yeah I felt pretty bad for him too. He had to have been in his early 50's and looked like he hadn't been working there too long.