Thursday, March 11, 2010


And not the sexy kind.

I just wanted to share this real quick while it was fresh in my mind. It's not a big deal but that's why I have a blog!

So as I was just leaving work I walked through the parking lot to my car. As I'm about 10 feet away this car comes flying up the street. I stop in the middle of the street as to not get hurt and he stops too. As I'm about to start walking again he speeds ups and quickly passes between me and my car. My instincts kick in as always and I just yell "Go right ahead!" as he's driving past. Not realizing his window was open I heard him say "No problem man" very nonchalantly. He didn't even look at me. He was just some smart ass teenager who thinks he's cool.

Halt awesome teenager! I wish to live!

His response was so irritating to me that I couldn't stop dwelling on it the entire ride home. I thought "Should I have added 'asshole' or 'douchebag' when I yelled at the guy? Would that have pissed him off? Would he have gotten out of his car?" These are the things I think about. I've been in situations like this before where people just get pissy right back at me like I'm the one at fault. That I'm used to. This not so much. Maybe that's why I'm so mad. This guy didn't fight back. In fact, he didn't even give a damn. He was in a hurry and my yelling at him made no difference. He knows he's an asshole and has come to accept it I guess. He is all important in the sports car his parents got him and I am not. Fair enough.

By the time I came home, instead of dwelling on what had happened I had a pretty good idea. There is this song in the new Final Fantasy that I find extremely relaxing. I heard it over and over last night while on this one level and it must have seeped into my brain. I liked it so much I got it on iTunes last night and played it several times while trying to go to sleep. Very soothing. So I did the same thing once I got home. I plugged in my head phones and listened.

It definitely calmed me down. lol Serenity now, serenity now...

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Bluedrakon said...

Sometimes it is not worth our time to dwell on the small things.
The Baka-san could of stopped the car and gotten out, but he simply replied which was "nice".

I have an issue with having a school bus stop right at the entrance of my apt complex. It is bad enough the little baka-san's walk in the middle of the road, but the baka-san parents do the same damn thing. They even give you dirty looks if you nicely honk the horn to let them know you want to actually drive on the road.
Makes me want to add a cow-plower to the front of my car.