Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adventures at the Drive Through

So not even 30 minutes ago I was driving back from Blockbuster when I decided to swing by the McDonalds nearby. I don't often eat fast food, especially when I'm on my diet, but they have a limited time offer of 99 cent Fillet of Fish sandwich. As I'm pulling up I get cut off my some douchebag and he gets in line in front of me. Fine, whatever, he's an asshole who apparently can't wait 2 seconds for me to pass, I'll fucking deal. He then, of course, proceeds to order 2000 things. *sigh* I just can't win. But you know what? Normally that would drive me up the friggin wall but not today. I had my iPod in the car and my mellow Japanese music playing which was keeping me at peace. I'm seriously considering just stapling my headphones to the inside of my ears and playing this music constantly where ever I go to drown out everything that annoys me. Seriously, just listening to this music puts me in such a great mood.

So once toolbag pulls up to the window the McDonald's guy is literally handing him soda after soda after soda and then bag after bag after bag. I counted 5 bags of food. Good lord! So he then finally starts pulling away and as I'm about to move forward the McDonalds guy is leaning out the window trying to wave the guy down. The car stops and the guy yells that he forgot one more bag.

At this point I have my music off and my window down. As I'm watching this guy slowly reverse back to the window (I left him plenty of room since I moved forward probably an inch or 2) I suddenly hear this high pitched screaming. And when I say screaming, I mean SCREAMING! I couldn't tell where it was coming from until I looked in my rear view window and I saw this woman in absolute hysterics! She was yelling, banging her hands on the steering wheel and also motioning for me to move forward. Honest to God, she is flailing her arms like a fucking ring-tailed lemur in heat


I can hear her yelling "Move. Move. MOVE!! MOVE!! MOVE!!" Since I obviously couldn't move forward I just started laughing. Hard! And she could see me staring at her through my rear view laughing. It was like watching a coke addict suffering from withdrawal.

Then she laid down the horn.

That shut me right up. Now I was pissed. She went and ruined my good mood. So I undid my seat belt, leaned my head out the window and yelled "Chill the fuck out! He's still getting his food ya nut!!" Now I have no idea what kind of reaction she thought she was going to get out of me. Maybe she thought if she kept babbling like a fucking mental patient long enough I would somehow cave in and move forward but I could tell by the look on her face that the LAST thing she expected was someone to yell back at her. So that shut her up and boy did she NOT look happy about it. HA!

As if yelling back at her wasn't enough to make me feel REALLY good about myself I just had to milk it for what it's worth. She was obviously in a hurry so I decided to take my sweet ass time. I grabbed my bag from the guy and slowly pretended to look through it to make sure everything was in order (keep in mind, I only got one Fillet of Fish Sandwich) Then I asked the dude for some BBQ sauce. And then just to be a real asshole I ask if I can get a cup of water. While he's getting that for me I look in the rear view mirror and see that she is looking mighty agitated. I decided this was a good time to smile at her and wave. The guy gives me my water and as I'm driving away I reach my entire arm out the window and wave to her again. As I round the corner I notice her giving me the finger. LOL

God that totally made my day. I am so glad I decided to swing by McDonalds! You just can't make this shit up...


PghPushyLover said...

sorry my mom is such a bitch when she doesn't get her Shamrock shake. She goes through withdrawl and get the shamrock shakes. Zing!

Bluedrakon said...

I guess she was having a Big Mac Attack and had a low blood sugar rate. It is fun when you can piss off baka-san who is a bit of a tool.

I am off to my Zen Room now to meditate - LMFAO.