Friday, May 7, 2010


First off my allergies are absolutely destroying me right now so you will have to bear with me. lol I'm too lazy to correct my spelling and such but wanted to do a quick post while I queued up some anime to watch.

So a couple weeks ago a blogging buddy made a post on his blog 2 Old for Anime? about a feature he added to his blog. It's called ClustrMaps and basically it keeps a tally of how many people from all different countries visit your blog! I was curious to see where around the world people were tuning in. Here are the results!

United States 63
United Kingdom 3
India 2
Germany 2
Poland 1
Hungary 1
Italy 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Australia 1
France 1

Pretty cool huh? I knew of a couple people already in different countries already as I talk to them a lot on Twitter and Facebook, but a lot of the others suprised me. Very cool!!

Thanks all for visiting and I hope you stick around!

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Bluedrakon said...

Thanks for the mention ._.

I like this widget as I think it is cool seeing where in the world you are being "watched".