Saturday, May 8, 2010

Geeks Unite!

Wow, so I decided to stop by Wendy's to treat myself to a little snack. My diet is going awesome so I deserve something awesome every once in awhile. Query: Is it a good sign when your pants are getting too big? Methinks yes!

So anyway, the Drive Through lane was waaaaaaay too long so I just decided to park the car and go inside to order. I also wanted to get out of the car anyway because right no it is insanely windy here where I am and I love it! So after I order my food I'm standing around waiting for my order. I start looking around and notice the whole place is really packed! But then I heard a lot of loud obnoxious laughter so I looked over and saw in the corner of the restaurant a bunch of huge dudes laughing. I won't call them jocks per se, but I will call them MeatHeads. Actually, is there a difference? I dunno, jock is something I would say in High School. MeatHead is just a MeatHead, there is no age limitation. Let us define MeatHead real quick, shall we?

MeatHead: (n) Usually buff (or thinks he is), obnoxious, loud, care nothing about others, and constantly crave attention. Usually travel in packs. Hobbies include The Gym, Sports, The Gym, looking at themselves in mirrors, The Gym, The Gym, picking on the weak to make themselves feel better, and The Gym. (See picture)

Notice the cocky look, wifebeater, and insanely cheesy shell necklace he's been wearing since he got it during beach week 10 years ago. How can you look in the mirror and not want to punch yourself in the face?

Now back to the story. So at first I just thought they were laughing and being obnoxious because they are just jerkoffs. Thats what they do and are know for. Then I notice the table I am closest to has 2 guys playing what at first I thought was some sort of board game! Curious as to why someone would bring a board game to a Wendy's I inched my way closer to see what was going on. Turns out it was actually a Yu-Gi-Oh gaming board and they were playing the card game. (For those unfamiliar Yu-Gi-Oh is a battling card game kids play and it's also an anime). So I had to ask the guys..

Me: Do you normally come here to play Yu-Gi-Oh?
Guy: Yes, we come every other Sunday. We all do.
Me: What do you mean "we all do"?
(The guy points to the other tables and I notice half of the room are guys playing one on one Yu-Gi-Oh. lol!!)
Me: Holy shit, I didn't even notice! And the people at Wendy's don't care?
Guy: Nope. This place rarely does business. Plus we are always quiet, we all buy food, and we don't disturb anyone. Unlike some other people I know. (referring to the MeatHeads)
Me: You go to school with them?
Guy: Unfortunately. They actually passed us on the street and then decided to follow us here when they saw us carrying our equipment.
Me: How long have you guys been here?
Guy: Hmmm (looks at cell phone) about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

WOW!! So these kids are just trying to have a good time and they are actually FOLLOWED to Wendy's by these jerkwads who apparently have NOTHING better to do than give the geeks a hard time. Jesus it's a Saturday! These assholes have nothing better to do on a Saturday then give kids a hard time? Don't they do that enough at school? I think I was more upset about this situation then the geeks were. They seemed very level headed and just blocked out the insults.

Man, the geeks, dorks, and nerds are always the ones referred to as "losers". I think the real losers are the ones who go out of their way to pick on the "losers". Get a life man.

This post could turn into a novel and I actually had a lot more to say but I'm just gonna drop it before I get even more angry.

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Bluedrakon said...

That funny - When I was with an Anime club in Florida, we meet at a Wendy's for the first several months.

I guess when the steroids finally get to their brains, they will be quiet - what a bunch of rocks!