Thursday, May 27, 2010


So last week I was going thorough a bit of depression. I had laryngitis and couldn't talk. It was driving me absolutely insane! I should have taken that opportunity to get a lot of blog posts in since typing was my main form on communication but I was just too bummed out to write! I hate not being able to talk. Hate it! I probably would have gotten over it faster had I not had to keep forcing myself to talk at work. The doctor said the best thing to do is to rest my voice but thats impossible to do while working. As soon as I would get home I would stop talking completely until it was time to go to work the next day. I don't know who out there has had laryngitis before but it's a really weird thing not being able to talk.

What was killing me the most is that while I'm at home I love just sitting at my computer and trying out different voices to do. For someone who wants to pursue voice acting, losing my voice is pretty much the worst thing that could happen. Hence my depression.

To cheer myself up last Friday I purchased the video game Red Dead Redemption. Man oh man and what a game it is. It's basically Grand Theft Auto set in the Wild West. Definitely one of the best games I have played in a long time. Anyone who is into those types of games and has an XBox 360 or Playstation 3 I can't recommend this game enough. Go buy it now!

So playing that definitely cheered me up quite a bit. Plus, I got my voice back! Thank Haruhi! I was worried when the doctor said it might be 1-2 weeks. I think I would have gone insane if it had been 2 weeks. Luckily it was only 1 and I survived...


Bluedrakon said...

I had 2 co-workers a couple weeks ago lose their voice as well. Not sure wtf happened, but they were out for a couple for days.

It sucks, but at least you got a cool game to play. I am still trying to find something me and my wife can play on the Wii that keeps both of us entertained.

Seantaku said...

New Super Mario Bros is a fun multi player game for the Wii. It's like original Mario side-scroller