Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kick-Ass Part 1

So I will be seeing the movie Kick-Ass in a few hours and I'm really pumped. I have read the comics and thoroughly enjoyed them! I love a lot of what Mark Millar writes and so I had to check this book out and it blew me away. The dialogue between the teenagers is spot on, seriously. Kids probably curse more than sailors these days. The violence is very over the top and gory. Had this been done by another writer and artist the comic probably would have sucked. But the genius of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. are spot on!

So when I heard they were making the making the movie I got pumped. As most people will agree who have read the comic is that the characters of Big Daddy and Hit-Girl are above and beyond fucking awesome. Big Daddy is an enormous hulking dude in a mask with his tiny 11 year old daughter by his side. And they both fucking pwn, hardcore. By this time you have all probably seen a lot of the trailers and commercials on TV. If Hit-Girl's first appearance in the movie is as good as it is in the comics, be prepared to be blown away.

There Will Be Blood II: The Origin of Big Daddy and Hit-Girl...

I was kinda skeptical about the casting of Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy though (case in point, picture above). As I stated earlier Big Daddy seriously lives up to his name in the comic and his costume looks nothing like the one I see in the trailer. But I'm gonna let it slide due to the few scenes I see in the trailer where he's out of costume and acts like a goofy father figure (something that differs from the comics).

All in all, I am excited and I will be posting my review of the movie in the next few days. Though it won't be posted here, it will be on the Openly Lewd Comics website! So check it out.

Will it live up to the hype?? Will it suck?? Only Sean can tell...

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Bluedrakon said...

I saw the comic in the stores and should of picked it up then. I really hope they do not butcher it too much in the movie.

Have fun and let us know the final verdict