Thursday, April 30, 2009

What are the odds?

Probably about 3,720 to 1.

No not really, but it's still pretty funny. I just caught an episode of The King of Queens on TBS (very funny). In the episode Doug and his wife Carrie agree to go to the wedding of these people who they can't stand. They are friends, but friends that annoy them. A couple days later they get the Wedding Invitation in the mail. After reading they find out that the wedding is in Maryland. Gaithersburg, Maryland! Ha, that's my hometown.

Later in the episode Carrie is calling a hotel in Maryland and while arguing with them on the phone says "You know you live in a city that nobody outside of Maryland has ever heard of, right?!"

Ouch! That hurts. But mostly true I guess. Any city this close to DC is just known as The DC area to most outsiders.

Anyway, I found that to be humorous and decide to share. I am seeing Wolverine tonight. Heard it's supposed to be kinda "meh". The first have is apparently pretty cool and the second half kinda falls. But whatever, I am a geek and I must go show my support!


phossil said...

KoQ is still on air??

Seantaku said...

Haha no, but they have reruns on TBS. I think the show ended like a year or so ago.

Alyson said...

Forbes recently ranked Montgomery County the #1 location in the country for quality of living and as the best long-term investment. And more recently ranked it in the top #10 for the best places to retire.

I think that says a lot for just one county. Perhaps it's the writers for the show that no one has heard of?