Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I love my car. I loved the cars I've had in the past as well. Well, most of them I should say. The Geo Prism, not my favorite, but I totaled that car good!

But I do not understand the obsession with cars. Like, at all. Keep in mind I am one of the rare ones. I am a guy who not only doesn't get excited over pictures of cars or cars in general, but I also don't care much about sports. *gasp!!!*

"He is no man! He's some sort of crazy person!" I'll take that. I don't friggin care.

I grew up knowing kids my whole life that would practically masterbate over car magazines. Talk about how they couldn't wait to own cars like the ones they saw pictures of. And all I could do was laugh to myself. All that was going through my mind was "If you want a car like that, you might wanna get your grades up so you can actually keep a job as an adult." You can't afford a Lamborghini unless you make money. (On a side note, I had to google how to spell Lamborghini and I am absolutely astounded that it's spelled that way).

The other day while I was at work this woman parked her car over the white line so she was taking up TWO spaces. When one of my collegues at work pointed this out I had to ask "Why do people do this?" He told me it's because some people drive super nice cars and don't want anyone to scratch them. So they take up two spaces.

At first I thought "That's a load of crap. Get over yourself" But then I really thought about it. OK, if you are REALLY paranoid about you car getting scratched then park it in the far end of the parking lot! There are more spaces open there. This woman had parked her car in THE FRONT TWO SPOTS. And she was going to do Yoga for an hour and 1/2. To me it's extremely rude to not only take up the first two spots in the parking lot, but to leave it there for almost 2 hours? Bullcocky. I should also point out that this woman was not driving a Lam-borg-hini or anything, but a Cylon.

Excuse me, a Scion. Which looks like a fine car, again I have no friggin idea what cars are good, but I don't think it justifies what she did. A Hummer! That I could understand. That needs several spaces. But then again, if you are worried about someone scratching your Hummer, perhaps you should look into something a little bigger. Like a tank.

I am one of the lucky ones where I have basically been given my cars as hand me downs from my parents. Sadly, I live in Montgomery County Maryland which is right outside of DC and one of the richest counties in the USA. It's a place where children are spoiled. I know kids who have sold the car that was litereally given to them, to take that money and save up for another car that was FASTER. A faster car?? Really? What are you in NASCAR? Your parents give you a car so you can drive to and from work and school and you aren't happy with what they gave you? Makes me sick. A high schooler doesn't need to be "doing 150" on the highway. I'm sorry, they just don't.

Blah. Sorry, I've had a REAL crappy day and I'm venting.


Michael Flux said...

Hmm... Well... Yeah...

You know, I'm kinda with you there on basically everything you said, from the sports to the spoiled brats.

Funny, as I work for an automotive website, you'd think I would care more for cars then I do. I mean I appreciate nicely designed cars, and I do enjoy some cars more then others, but I by no means leave stains on car magazines. ^_^

Seantaku said...

Good to know I'm not alone.

I had to deal with the MVA the day I wrote this so I was in a TERRIBLE mood and had cars on the brain.

Alyson said...

I think things about boys who profess to be "really" into cars. And they're not good things.

I think it's important for everyone, male or female, to understand the basics. Like how to change a tire, or how to change your oil (neither of which I can do, btw). But, beyond that, it all seems pretty silly to me...