Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mail call!

Remember back in the day of childhood innocence trying to find out what came in the mail was one of the greatest moments in the day? "I wonder if there is something in that pile for me!!" I would always wonder. A time where anything with your name on it was either a card (which usually meant money was inside), a magazine, or some sort of package. I fondly remember reading as a child My Big Backyard and Zoobooks magazines at first, then moving towards Disney Adventures when I was a little older, then going on to Gamepro, EGM, and Star Wars Insider by middle school. I couldn't wait to get home to see if any of these magazines had arrived.

But those days are long gone. The mailbox is no longer your friend when you reach my age. It is your nemesis. After a long day of work opening that mailbox is the last thing I want to do because there is practically nothing in there that is going to make the day any better. While I do still get Star Wars Insider and now Otaku USA, anything else in that box is bad news. And that bad news is normally bills.

Bill, bills, bills. Once you thought you'd paid them all, a bunch more show up in their place. It never stops and it never will until the day you die unfortunately. Sad but true. Lucky for me though I am all caught up on my bills and have nothing to worry about for awhile. And once I stop using my storage facility (who just recently upped our rent from around $280-$310) thats a good chunk of change right there that I get to keep for myself once again.

But I'm tired now and wanted to rant about something before I chill out for the rest of the night. I saw Star Trek tonight and was not really impressed at all. I shall spend the rest of the night playing Final Fantasy X.

Live long and prosper...


Michael Flux said...

Well then, the solution is simple! Waste more money on fun useless crap and then you'll enjoy each and every visit from the mailman ^_^

phossil said...

Email dont help either with the spam..

Seantaku said...

That's why I use gmail. It has great filters so the very few spam mails that I actually do receive go straight to the spam folder. I love it.