Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bank fun

Yesterday I had to go to the bank to turn in a buttload of change. Turned out to be a good amount of cash too! At least, enough to last me til payday at the end of the week.

So I go to the teller and give her my receipt from the coin machine. For whatever reason it takes her FOREVER to fill out the form. Apparently they can't just take the receipt and give you the cash. They must first deposit the money into your account, then you have to withdrawal it. It's annoying, but it's a hell of a lot better than using CoinStar since they take out a percentage of the cash to keep for themselves. A convenience fee of sorts?

So as the teller lady is finishing up the form she sneezes, twice. Into her hands. I say "Bless You" because it's always polite and I'm hoping she's going to do something to clean those hands before man handling my money. She does not. In fact, she messes up the first time and has to count it out twice. I'm trying very hard not to let her see me shudder. She slides me my money and I very carefully put it in my wallet trying really hard to touch it as little as possible.

I'm sorry but that's just gross. I'm not a Germaphobe or anything, but there are times at work when I'm handling cash I can only imagine where this money has been. But I put it out of my mind. But when I see it happening right in front of me, that's a different story.

All I could think about was Seinfeld when Poppie doesn't wash his hands after using the toilet and then procedes to hand prepare Jerry's food. When the lady was handing me my money I jsut wanted to keep shaking my head "no" like Jerry does to his date.

Given the fact that I am also just coming down from the flu (or Las Plagas as my friends believed I had) I'm not trying to get something else from snot covered monies!


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