Saturday, April 25, 2009

What is this Blog about...?

Honestly? It's pretty much just my thoughts. If you were to look to the right you will see that my Blog Roll consists of only Anime Blogs. These are the people I follow most because they put the most effort into what they do. Seeing as how with anime I only have a select few friends who actually enjoy it like I do, I turn to the Online Community to make friends. Once you stumble upon one anime blog it seems to lead to a word of others, and they are all friends ;-)

But as much as I love anime, I can't do what these guys do. Daily blogs about shows, figures, manga, collectibles. I WISH I could do that. But it's already being done so well by them! So why add myself to the mix?

I just blog because I enjoy doing it. My problem is mine can never be about a specific topic! I LOVE way too many things. Anime, manga, WoW, comics, movies, Star Wars, video games, Final Fantasy, animals, my dog, my family...

So I just like to type whats on my mind and hope people can relate. I will go a day or two without blogging anything, and then in one day type 3 entries. It just depends on my mood and if I have a story to tell.

Time has run short and I must depart. Expect a lot more entries soon. lol


Michael Flux said...

Well, you promised. Now you just have to keep to your word ^_^.

So far I've kept all promises that I made when I started my site. One of those being making a post at least once a day. While hard on my wallet of time, have been doing it! Sometimes I'm lucky and it only takes a few minutes to prepare an article, on others no so much where I can spend upwards of an hour and a half.

But anyways, looking forward to seeing more from you!

Seantaku said...

Thanks Micheal! Glad to hear from you.

As stated in a previous post, I now carry a small notepad with me wherever I go to write down my thoughts. I have about 12 potential blogs topics written down.

I haven't committed to posting daily just yet because of my schedule. I don't want to promise something that I can't deliver.

I love your page! You pictures are amazing.!

phossil said...

there's so much true in "these guys puts the most effort into what they do".. , because im trying to do my best.. lol

Keep posting about your ramblings without being specific because thats what we love to read...