Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My kryptonite...

I've just realized that pollen is like my kryptonite. I always found it silly growing up that the strongest man on the planet was weakened by a small glowing green rock. How pathetic is that? Holding said rock to him makes him weak and pathetic.

But then I realized today as I am being absolutely pwnd by allergies that I too have a kryptonite, and it goes by the name of pollen.

These tiny little particles somehow manage to take me from a normal functioning human being into a weak, pathetic, sniveling, shadow of my former self. Just like green rocks do to the Man of Steel.

When i rained for two days in a row last week it was the best two days I've had in awhile. It washed all the pollen away and I was free to breathe once more. But that didn't last long. 2 days later I get up for work, walk over to my car to discover it is COATED with pollen. When I got to work I took a 5 gallon bottle of water and poured it all over my car. Not only did it get rid of the pollen, but I also saved myself about $10 by not going to the car wash. Sadly, I checked on the car not even 2 hours later and it was covered all over again!

Most allergy medicines don't work for me, but I'm going to try Zyrtec since that seems to be the one everyone recommends. I just wish it wasn't so friggin expensive...

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Michael Flux said...

How lucky I feel that I don't have to worry about any o it. No allergies of any kind ftw!