Saturday, April 18, 2009


So I was just outside walking my dog and I can hear obnoxious screaming coming from some sort of party. I look around to find where it's coming from. My Condo development mainly consists of old people, but the voices I here sound like either teens or early 20's people. I know this because while you can always hear the loud thumping of music and ambient chatter of people, there are several phrases that actually come out loud and clear.

For girls: "OH MY GAWD" and "YEAH!!!"

For guys: "DUUUUUDE!!"

So as Kenobi(my dog) and I walk around the neighborhood I spot the condo making all the noise. They are on the 3rd floor, like me, 2 buildings away from me. I could see them on the porch smoking and yelling.

I think I am going to try an infiltrate the party. They all seem pretty hammered so, being in a sober state of mind, I'm wondering if I can make my way into this party. I think it would be pretty funny if I did.

I will write about whether or not I got in next blog. Later!


Michael Flux said...

Damn-it! If you're gonna make such a post don't end with such a cliffhanger! :D

Seantaku said...

lol, that was the idea! Follow up to come soon.