Monday, April 6, 2009


I went paintballing yesterday for my friends birthday. We had done it the previous year and decided we liked it so much why not do it again this year. Although last year was like playing in a muddy pig pen it was still amazing and everyone (I think) had a great time.

I think this year was even better, mostly due to the weather and the fact that since I already had some experience I knew what I was getting into and decided to play more aggressively. All in all I had a great time and I was glad I got to participate. Also we reserved private time for ourselves so that we didn't have to play with other paintballers. Which brings me to my next point.

The one thing I hate about paintball is the people that play paintball.

Getting to just play with my friends is awesome but I don't know if I could handle playing with strangers. Not because they could light me up (I know they can, I'm not that experienced) but because there all so smug. They can read n00b all over you the moment you walk in and give you the cockeyed "I'm better than you" grin. During the safety speech if someone asks a question they kind of snicker like "What a fucking moron" to which I want to reply "The girl is like 15, let her ask a damn question"

Now I know not everybody is like that. I have friends who go paintballing all the time. But through my experience, and I've been to two different places in Virginia, a good amount of the people AND staff, are pretty damn rude. I really hope it's just that area. My one friend and I got there pretty early and were both extremely irritated by listening to most of these people talk. Esspecially the one guy who briefed us on Safety. Just a loud, obnoxious guy who later was flirting with two of my female friends. *shudder* Dude was so creepy...

So if you are a casual paintballer I reccomend getting a group of friends together and just getting some private time. You probably won't have any fun joining a random game since these guys will immediately try to light your ass up. Rental equipment = n00b. Once your shot you are out for the round. I don't know about you but I'd rather not spend $50 to play for about a minute or so each round before getting shot.

Til next time...


Phreak said...

I'll shoot you in the balls for free dude.

Seantaku said...

You are a true friend