Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I got an iPod recently and I love it. Especially for the podcasts. But the moment I bought it I knew that I would have a problem with the "headphones" that they give you.

OK, I know we're going for small and sleek, something barely noticeable than two giant Princess Leia buns on your head, but I hate these friggin "ear plugs" as I call them. They just don't fit for me.

I remember my first encounter with these ear plugs as a kid. My dad bought them for my original Gameboy. All the other kids were able to place it in the ear with ease. I would stick them in sideways with the tip sticking straight out like a retard because it was the only way to keep them in. I am kind of having the same problem now only this time the right ear is fine and the left ear is rejecting it. I thought maybe it was the earpiece so I switched them and sadly neither fits.

I have a gimp right ear. Lame.

And what's even more sad is that less than two weeks of having the ear plugs, one of them has already decided to stop working (sadly the right side, the one I need!!). I can only hear from one side. Thanks Apple!! This is why I normally steer clear of you.

Sean signing off...

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