Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Anime List

So the other day I was perusing through various anime blogs and came across one, http://www.animoe.net/ where the guy was writing about a website called My Anime List.

Naturally I checked it out and it's really sweet. It's an online database where you can keep track of all the anime you have watched, are watching, and plan on watching. Since I had just made my own list a month ago or so it was a lot easier to go through their database and add everything I've seen by looking at my list.

My favorite part is the "Currently Watching" section because I have a few that I'm watching right now and this allows me to keep track of what episode I am on each show. You can also blog, make recommendations, write reviews, join groups. It also compares your anime compatibility with others. Kinda like Facebook for anime peoples.

Can't believe I'm just finding this thing now.



phossil said...

Had send to you a friend request ^^

Seantaku said...

Awesome! Thanks for the add!