Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jsut Cause

Spending so many hours on the computer over the years has given me some incredible speed when it comes to typing. And I love that. My fellow Guild members on WoW always give me grief for typing properly. Apparently that's the kind of world we live in these days.

"Dude, you're typing properly!! What a loser!" That was never actually said because I love my Guild but you get the point.

I remember in Elementary School one of the Librarians, Mrs. Wright I believe, would always amaze me with the speed she could type into the computer while making eye contact with me the whole time. As a child I thought I could never achieve such a feat!

Sadly 20 years later I am no where near her level but I can type really damn fast. Unfortunately the word "just" always gives me problems. It always comes out as "jsut" and it drives me mad. The worse part is that not only can I not wait til the end of what I'm typing to correct my error, I need to fix it right then. And since I hate having to grab the mouse, click the word and change it, I always just delete the entire sentence leading up to the "jsut" and re-type it. Always!

Call me strange but that's how I roll. Even now the "Red Squigly Line of ABC Check" is not only haunting me on the word "jsut" but now also "squigly"!

Does anyone else type in "jsut" constantly??

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