Monday, August 3, 2009

Cleaning the room

I am lucky enough to live in the top floor loft of my condo. It's like having my own little apartment for just me and my dog. Unfortunately since it's a much larger area than a normal room I tend to let things get cluttered a lot more.

I woke up today with the motivation to clean my room once I got back from work. I wasn't expecting to have my ass handed to me at work. So now my back is all out of whack and I really don't feel like moving. I just want to lay down and relax.

Technically I should make my dog do it since he's the main reason it's a mess. He's so pathetic when it comes to eating. He will eat anything that remotely smells like food. If I leave a small wadded up napkin on my computer desk, I will come home from work to find it either missing or torn up on the floor. A couple days ago I made the mistake of crumbling the wrapper of my Potbelly sandwich and leaving it on my desk. I stepped outside to check the mail and by the time I returned the wrapper was torn to hell and scattered all around my computer. My dog is standing there with a pathetic look on his face. He knows he did wrong!!

Speak of the devil. My dog is whining to go out so I must bend to his every whim, even if he does snatch my food when I'm not looking.

I'll probably post some picture of my loft once it's clean.


Michael Flux said...

err... just a question about that napkin... why would you leave it just laying around in the first place?... o_O

Seantaku said...

I never mean to. Because of my dog I can't have any trashcans out in the open. So I have one in the closet where I keep the washer/dryer.

After eating, sometimes I don't immediately take it to the trash can. Being the forgetful person that I am, I end up leaving the house and forgetting to throw it away.

I never do it on purpose.

Alyson said...

Hey, now. Kenobi does tons of work around the house and that shouldn't go unnoticed. Who greets you when you get home? Is your alarm clock in the morning? And guards the condo against would-be intruders? I thought so.

The least you could do is clean up a few bits of kibble.

(Related story: I was eating Beef & Broccoli take out at Alan's one day and left the room to go to the bathroom. When I got back ALL my food was gone! Two scoops of rice and half a portion of Beef & Broccoli. Alan's dog, a large Akita, was looking like he felt really bad about himself, so I couldn't be mad. Really, it was rude of me not to offer him any in the first place...)