Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Behind my house is a huge forest filled with crazy animals, annoying woodpeckers, pesky owls, and now extremely loud and obnoxious cicadas.

I guess it just started about a week or so ago. The cicadas have been freaking out! And I guess since it's such a heavily wooded area that there are probably hundreds of them all screeching their little hearts out at starting at 9 in the morning and going all throughout the day. Could you imagine if you life consisted of sitting in one place for an entire day and every couple minutes starting screaming at the top of your lungs and have it get progressively louder and louder as time went on? I know I couldn't.

Catch those little bastards!

I had an extremely long day at work yesterday and when I came home I was so tired I actually went to bed at a decent time! That's about 1:30 for me. I could have slept all damn day if need be but little sirens from hell started going off at around 8:30 in the morning. The worst part is since my A/C is broken all the windows in the house are open. That doesn't help the situation.

And as much as I can't stand spiders I saw this tiny little arachnid had caught a cicada, I guess right after it shed it's shell and vulnerable. I saw the spider starting to wrap it up with it's webbing and I just started at the cicada and said "GOOD! One down!"

Millions more to go...


phossil said...

cicadas mating season??

Bluedrakon said...

LOL - just be wary of the 17 year cicada. Then you get them everywhere and in droves. I remember driving around and I had to put my windows up as they were swarming around on the road.
I actually also got to witness a Cicada & Cicada Killer (really big bee - 1/4+" stinger) in a fight at my grand moms. Talk about a loud deafening noise. Not too many of them in south florida.