Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sure is hot in these rhinos!

So my A/C is still broken and it's been really hot the past couple days. This is basically what I look like all day long...

My brother said he talked to a few of my neighbors and theirs are broken as well due to old age. So one can only assume that that's the problem with ours as well. The best part is that if that is indeed what is wrong according to our neighbors it will cost $9,000 to get a whole new A/C unit. Fucking brilliant!

I've been pretty lucky that this summer hasn't been all that hot. There's been about maybe 5 days where it was almost unbearable but that's about it. I think I'll be able to make it through August. I cannot wait til it's Fall/Winter again. I like my house to feel more like Hoth as opposed to Tatooine (ahthankyou).

In other news, I believe I was able to change the options for the comment box. Now you shouldn't have to be a member to post comments, it should be free to everyone. Also, for those who follow me on Twitter should checkout my page here. Someone was nice enough to make me a custom made anime Twitter background. It's pretty fucking slick! You can check out his blog here.

Speaking of anime, an old buddy from school messaged me on Facebook the other day. Apparently he was trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff and asked if I wanted to take his anime collection off his hands. Well I would be stupid to refuse such an offer! So a couple days later I get this huge box at my doorstep. Inside is about 450 discs of anime. I think it's safe to say that I'm pretty much set for life!


Alyson said...

450 discs of anime? Am I right in assuming that is at least 900 hours of viewing material? Out of control.

Alyson said...

And what does Kenobi think of all this heat? How is he holding up with the lack of AC? Have you tried Frosty Paws, yet? It's in the dog section of Giant (in a small freezer on the shelf). Dogs love it.

Seantaku said...

Thankfully he seems to be alright. Even though he hates it I will throw him in the bathtub to cool him off a bit. Then we both just sit in front of the fan. Does wonders! I took a video of getting Kenobi into the bath. I'll probably try to post that at some point.

Haven't tried Frosty Paws yet but I do know what your talking about.

Anonymous said...

I know Frosty Paws are amazing (albeit expensive as hell), but I'm not actually sure they do a lot to cool dogs down. When Maile eats them she's really excited, but I don't think she feels cooler.

When she gets back from a walk/run she likes to sit by a van, instead. So it sounds like the rinse down & van thing works best!

Seantaku said...

lol a "Van" huh?