Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey Fatty! I got a movie for ya, A FRIDGE to Far!

So I was watching some YouTube videos today and stumbled upon some Judd Apatow movie clips. I personally am a fan of all his flicks, though I haven't seen Funny People yet, and I LOVE Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared.

So while watching these videos I can't help but looks at the YouTube comments left by people. Or as I like to call them "The Scum of the Earth". It's always fighting, fighting, fighting fighting, fighting, fighting fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting! (Get it now?) It's so annoying. The Internet has given us a voice, and that voice apparently it to be as obnoxious as humanly possible! But anyway, one of the comments on a Knocked Up clip was "I am so fucking sick of these fat, Jewish, stoner, losers getting these hot girls in movies!! They are taking all the roles!!"


(Long pause)

They are taking all the roles?????? Seriously?? While I don't always agree with the fat guy getting the hot girl, it does happen in RL. Humor is a big thing with the ladies, trust me I know.

Watch out Pitt, apparently Rogen is stealing your roles!

It was so interesting to see a post complaining that all the fat stoners were taking all the lead roles. I'm so used to seeing posts about "All the attractive people get all the great roles!!! They have it so easy!" Now there are a few movies with stars who are the exact opposite and people are still complaining?? Good gravy at this rate we will never be satisfied! You can't win if you're a hot actor/actress and now you can't win if you're a less attractive actor/actress. So what's next? The middle man? An amorphous caricature of a human being?

Who could love me??


Bluedrakon said...

Ziggy - give me a hug you short bald guy - LOL!
With not having to leave a name or a face with a comment, you can write anything you want. It just proves that the information highway has idiot drivers just like the real highway.

Alyson said...

I don't ever even both to read YouTube comments before more often than not they just enrage me. But, I have to believe that most of those people don't even really believe what they are saying. They just want to troll the page and entertain themselves for the night.

Saying anything in response would just fuel them.