Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well that really sucked. During my last post my power went out for absolutely no reason. And it was pitch black in my room!!! I seriously could not see a damn thing. I was lucky that I cleaned my room recently or else I would have been tripping all over things.

So my first thought is to obviously find a flashlight but I had no idea where I left mine. I had to slowly move around my room, arms out in front so I didn't bump into anything. After several minutes of that I realized I should probably just find my cellphone and use that as a source of light. Of course I had no idea where I left my phone. So that was about another 5 or so minutes feeling around for that. It's at this point I realize I am sweating profusely since the fan is off!!

This is where I start freaking out because I have to be up early for work tomorrow and there is no way I'm going to get any sleep without that fan on me! So after 30 minutes of sweating bullets and trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do to survive the night, the power flicks back on. Thank god! Had it not come on just then I was about to just get in my car and drive around for awhile. At least my car as A/C! But lucky for me that wasn't the case. Crisis averted!! It's so pathetic that there is literally nothing for me to do when the power is out. I can't even read.

Well it's time for me to watch some anime before trying to hit the sack. Night all!


phossil said...

I usually go to bed when lights go out at night.

Seantaku said...

lol yeah I actually wanted to but since the power was out my fan wasn't working and it was about 90 degrees in my house. I can't sleep at all in the heat.

Anonymous said...

So odd. I didn't lose power and I feel like we live really close to one another.

I know what you mean about losing power, though. It always makes me realize how dependent I am on electricity (and my laptop). I start thinking I have nothing to do. Really, the only thing you can do is take yourself for a walk... talk with your dog... or get some sleep :(

Michael Flux said...

So... wait... what about the computer? Doesn't the monitor give off light also? :p

Seantaku said...

@Flux lol Are u being serious??