Thursday, July 16, 2009


So I haven't been online the past couple days because I had a pretty obnoxious virus on my computer. I'm not exactly sure it's gone, but more on that in a second.

It was one of those "Security Center" virus' that's made to look like an anti-virus program on your computer. I've dealt with this little fucker before many months back but it has seemed to have evolved since then. All the tricks that were used before to get rid of it wouldn't work because it would restrict you from opening anything Anti-virus related. Nothing! I couldn't even open Firefox. Anytime I would try I would get a message saying "This application has been infected by Spyware. Open your anti-virus program to get rid of it" This message was of course coming from the "Fake anti-virus" program on my task bar. Every several seconds an error message would pop up and blah blah blah. It was incredibly obnoxious.

I went on the forums to try and deal with this as fast as possible spending the majority of my only day off this week trying to fix it (My plans to play WoW all day went right out the window). The forums had all these different ways to try to get rid of it but none would work for me because I couldn't open any of my applications. One tip suggested opening the task manager and deleting the corrupted files. I couldn't even open my task manager! I tried going into safe mode and all this other crap until I just got tired of it and gave up for the day. I didn't even try it yesterday because I worked all day and then went to go see the new Harry Potter movie (which was amazing). I got home at around 2am or so and wasn't in the mood to try to fix it so I let it be.

When I got home later tonight I turned on my computer to find it wasn't acting weird. For a moment I thought I was in the clear until another message popped up on my screen. In a fit of anger I was about to punch my wall but then I actually looked closely at the message on my screen to read that it was my ACTUAL anti-virus program! It had found several threats to be deleted. This whole time before the virus would kick in before I could start my anti-virus program. It would always beat me. But it looks like this time mine actually prevailed!

I'm not getting too excited yet. Tonight I'm going to run all my protection shit.
"Sōten Kisshun I reject!!"

Hopefully I've beat this thing but you can never be to careful. I'd love to know what's going on inside the mind of the pathetic loser who sits in his parents basement and creates something so terrible it could destroy ones computer so they have to spend a crap load of money to buy a new one. I wonder what it's like to be a soulless loser like that. I really do. Don't you wish there was a way that we could find out who created virus' like these? Then everybody who has ever been infected could show up at his door and really thank him for messing up our computers?

I think that would be awesome.

You know what else is awesome? The fact that I'm going to Otakon tomorrow!! Huzzah! For those unfamiliar it's an anime convention held in Baltimore. I shall take many a pictures!


Michael Flux said...

heh, I don't even bother w/ any anti-virus apps. And I haven't gotten a single virus in like... never :p

Plus I reinstall Windows so often that even if I do get something, I kinda don't give a crap :p

heavly said...

My laptop was sick with a crap virus for a good week - had to upgrade my OS and repair it. Not only did I have a virus, I managed to install some awful amazing program that destroyed everything!! Oh and a key logger - hello hacked WoW account. It was finally restored to me about a week ago. Havelap is doing much better now, and I will no longer try to watch/download shows illegally (damn you True Blood!)

Seantaku said...

True Blood was the culprit?? That hurts since I love True Blood.

I'm gonna start going to the guys apartment to watch every Sunday. Join us! :-)