Monday, July 13, 2009


I figure every now and then I'll post some up my artwork up on here. Although most of my friends have seen them on my Facebook, I'd like to share them with everyone else out there.

This one is most likely my favorite so far. In one of my Haruhi dvd's I got a pencil board with Kyon holding Haruhi in his arms. I'd had been thinking for awhile how awesome it would be to incorporate myself into a drawing and after seeing that picture I knew that's the one I wanted to do. Though there will probably be others in the future.

While I do have many drawings on regular sized paper those are usually just sketches. What I enjoy doing is drawing on 14x17 inch posterboard. That's what this is on. The original picture is pretty small but it's really detailed so that made it easier for me to "blow up" if you will.

The main thing was turning Kyon into me. Kyon already looks almost like an exact anime version of myself anyway so I figured all I had to do was change a few things. This was harder than I thought because as I drew it I realized how little I needed to change. I didn't want it to look like Kyon, but he already has my squinty eyes and facial structure. And in anime, the eyes are what make the character. His hair is a bit longer than mine so that needed to be cut short. But in the original picture he's wearing his school uniform. Since I never wear a suit and tie I had to change it to my normal plain t-shirt. I'm probably going to color the shirt in black at some point since that's the color I usually where. Either that or add a design to the shirt.

The original picture was fully painted, so there were all these details that I couldn't capture with just a pen. Her hair especially because it has a lot of detail and I kinda had to color it in all black. Oh well. I decided to add my own highlights and think they give it more depth. Same with her hair ribbons. I think they look really awesome. It's funny how something so simple looking can be such a pain to draw. The ribbons looked OK when I sketched them, but they looked more real once I inked it. It's very rewarding. I kinda screwed up on her left eye but hey, shit happens. Eyes are so incredibly difficult to draw. I was upset about ti for awhile but I got over it.

Unlike Kyon, I would probably be happy in this situation, but this was the face he was making in the photo and I liked it so much I didn't want to change it (plus I'm always angry so it fits). So for the sake of realism let's just say that I look upset because I'm a pansy and I'm having trouble holding a 90 lbs girl in my arms.

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phossil said...

cool drawning. So this drawning of Kyon is a version of yourself?? Lucky you having Haruhi in your arms... ^^