Friday, July 10, 2009

Another random

At my grocery store the Redbox is right next to the exit. As I was about to leave the store I had to stop and wait because there was a lady and her husband standing right in front of the doorway yelling at their kids to get away from the Redbox so they could leave. So I'm standing there for several seconds and they aren't even moving. The wife is the main one in my way but there is barely any room to squeeze by her. The husband had even made eye contact with me at one point! Didn't have the decency to tell his wife to move for a second so I could get through. So I just stood there for 30 seconds while she is yelling at her children. At one point she moved ever so slightly to the side so I used this opportunity to slip on past. At that exact moment she also moved back and she bumped into me. She actually had the nerve to tell me to "watch where I was walking"

She bumped into me! I was just trying to get by. Standing in front of the exit is not the best place to stand for several minutes! People need to get by! Not wanting to get into an altercation with this lady I just told her to "shut up" under my breath and walked away. She definitely couldn't hear me over the sound of her own voice.

I really feel bad for those kids. All they wanted to do was rent Spectacular Spider-man! It's a great show!

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