Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random lawlz...

This is just a quick one. It's too funny not to comment on.

So I work right next to a Yoga Studio. There are two doors to the studio. They are literally touching each other. If you were to be facing the doors you have the option of opening the right or the left. The RIGHT door has a sign on it that says "Please use other door" with an arrow pointing to the door right next to it.

Literally right next to it. They touch each other. I know I already mentioned that but it must be said again.

You don't know how many times random people open the door to my store all confused and say "I was told to use the other door. How do I get to the Yoga Studio?" As if there is a secret passage in my store that leads to the Yoga studio.

I'm gonna have to get a picture and post it so you all can really see what I'm talking about.


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