Monday, July 27, 2009

Reconstruction and Airbending

So for the past month or so the grocery store by my house has been doing some remodeling. I will give them credit because it is looking a lot nicer. It should be said that my family has been going to this grocery store pretty much my entire life. Since I was about 3. The look is really nice but when I went in the other day I realized that they changed A LOT more since the last time I was there. All the aisles were switched around!

I normally get my grocery shopping done extremely fast since I literally know where everything is located. Not any more. I was completely lost. I usually wouldn't think to much about it but it's changed so much I'm completely thrown off. Things have been placed on the exact opposite side of the store they used to be. I mean, there has to be some reason behind it but I'm just a bit miffed because after going there for 20 or so years (at least 10 of those years going by myself) my groove has been thrown off and now I have to establish a new one.

Establishing one self a new groove can be difficult.

I just had to throw that out there real quick. Not a big deal but the time I've spent in that store is uncanny so it's weird to see it change so dramatically.

I also wanted to make a quick post today but I don't have the time to finish my Otakon post and load more pictures. I've been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on my Netflix lately and I'm so hooked on this show it's ridiculous. For something that was airing on Nickelodeon I am surprised at how story driven and dark it is. I was always told it appealed to both kids and adults and now I see why. Also, the voice acting is really well done, which obviously appeals to me. It's nice seeing child actors actually playing children. It sounds more real and they do an amazing job! So after spending my day off work last Saturday pumping out 10 episodes, I couldn't wait for the next discs to arrive on Wednesday. So I found a site online and am downloading episodes right now. That's why I figured "Hey, I can do a quick post while these load"

Multitasking at it's finest!


heavly said...

I HATE it when grocery stores vamp stuff. The Giant by my house, completely redone - I have NO idea where anything is. And now instead of a quick stop it takes significantly longer. They should ask our permission before making significant changes, seriously.

Seantaku said...

Exactly?! I don't mind remodeling since the Giant now does look really nice. But why do ya have to move all the food around?! It was perfect the way it was!

Mr. Joatmon said...

On the subject of "The Avatar", I was pleasantly surprised at how good the entire series was. Very well done, indeed.