Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Idiocy of People in the Parking Lot 1 (?)

There is a swarm of them, you see them everyday. Which makes me think this will be an ongoing "segment" in my blog.

"The idiocy of people in the parking lot"

I can already tell this will be golden because ANYBODY can relate to this.

This specific scenario takes place in a VERY cramped parking lot...

Today's first subject:

Car #1 sits and waits for car #2 to exit parking space, while car #1 blocks traffic for THE entire shopping center waiting for car #2 to exit parking space. Car #2 has hard time exiting parking space because Car #1 has been trying to nose it's way into Car #2's space. Car #1's position has now blocked the opening to the shopping center even MORE because more and more cars are piling into the shopping center due to Car #1 selfish idiocy. Therefore Car #2 is trying ever so hard to not be the jerk and trying to get their car out of there but they are selfishly blocked by Car #1.

After 10 minutes of my life that I would love to have back, sadly Car #1, (the asswipe) won and poor #2 had to have his wife exit the passenger seat and direct her husband ever so slowly out of the parking space(inch by inch) because Car #1 would not move, AT ALL!

The really sad part is that there was a wide open space 7 spaces down that Car #1 could have taken but they decided to waste everyone's time because they wanted the space RIGHT in front of Chipotle. You can't walk 7 spaces?! Really??

After working 9 hours and being exhausted, all I wanted to do was get some Panera Bread (which is next to Chipotle) and go home, eat it, then take a nap. But I had to deal with Car #1 being a selfish prick.

For those wondering, when I saw him finally park his car and go to Chipotle, he was a mid 30's dude, jacked with a wifebeater, wearing "stylish" sunglasses, and talking on his cellphone. So obviously he is a very important person who deserves to fuck with everybody elses time.

Let us applaud such a deuche bag, because if it wasn't for guys like him, people like us wouldn't be able to sleep at night, knowing that we will NEVER be like THAT GUY.

Hope you enjoyed one of many tales from Parking...


Alyson said...

I hate the Chipotle parking lot. I give up trying to find a stall out front for this express reason. And I know just what you're talking about because I feel like I see it everyday of my Chipotle-eating life.

IMO, the best way to park at Chipotle is to go down to Jerry's. There is almost always open parking there and you can walk on the sidewalk all the way to Chipotle. It's where I most often park, anyway.

Seantaku said...

Thanx u for responding!

Makes me feel better, even though you have no idea how that shopping center actually functions.

I shall teach you the ways! If you are comfortable coming with me while I yell at dumb strangers we shall visit Fallsgrove...

chib said...

Hello, ya blog good

From Rwanda

Seantaku said...

@chib Thanx! Glad you enjoyed it

@Alyson Today I was explaining this to a fellow employee and it took about 2 seconds with the help of a pen and paper.

Ahhh how much visual aid helps

Michael Flux said...

Roadrage much? :p

"...knowing that we will never be like that guy"