Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My father raised me to love James Bond. He would even say when we were kids that my brother and I were named after Sean Connery and Ian Flemming. That's my pop!

But I have to say I'm not a huge Daniel Craig fan as Bond. I thought Casino Royale was kinda blah and Quantum of Solace pretty much sucked (though the girl was REALLY hot).

Anyway, I was reading Maxim magazine just now with Malin Ackerman on the cover who plays Silk Spectre II in Watchmen *growl*. There was an interview with Clive Owen in there as well and they talk about past rumors about him playing James Bond. I had never heard that rumor! And I wish it would have actually come true. I think Clive Owen would be a fucking pimp as Bond.

But that's me. Thoughts?

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