Friday, March 13, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I stopped by the grocery store after work today to grab some Red Bull. The place was an absolute mess. This is why I love the Self Checkout. That thing was made for people like me. In and out.

Unfortunately due to the fact that it was so crowded there were a bunch of people taking up the Self Checkout lines who don't deserve to be there. I've said it once before and I will say it a million times over, if you have a shitload of produce that you need to weigh in then get the fuck out of the Self Checkout line! You are wasting everybody's valuable time! The only reason I didn't snap is because there was a TV Guide with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel from Bones on the cover and Ms Deschanel was looking pretty damn good (I prefer her over her sister Zooey, but that's me).

After waiting almost 5 minutes while this woman SLOWLY tried to figure out how to ring up produce this older guy came and stood right behind me in line. About 5 seconds after he got behind me one of the woman that works at Giant came over and told both of us that she could take us at the Customer Service counter. So the guy behind me hurries over to the counter to get there before me! What the fuck?! I'm sorry but I believe I had been waiting a solid 5 minutes in line before he even showed up. And the woman also didn't seem to care. I was the only one this seemed to bother.

Now normally I would have just let it go but the guy had a full basket of food while I had 2 Red Bulls and a thing of Easy Mac. It he had two or three things I would say what the hell, go ahead of me. But he didn't. And he knew exactly what he was doing because he turned around to see my reaction and caught me in the middle of a deep inhale (of anger) and an eye roll. The woman behind the register noticed too.

Guy: Something wrong?
Me: No it's nothing. I was just waiting in line for about 5 minutes before you showed up and somehow your ahead of me right now. But it's cool!
Cashier: I'll be done with him in a second sir and then I'll get to you.

Great, now I look like the asshole. Of course! Mr. "I'm In A Hurry" gets exactly what he wants and I'm left looking like a jerk. If I'm wrong, somebody please tell me. It would probably make me feel a lot better then dwelling on the fact that I have somehow been teleported to the Bizarro World in which the people in the back of the line come first.

The whole thing makes about as much sense as The Chewbacca Defence

Now I'm going to go enjoy my Red Bull and Easy Mac...

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