Monday, March 9, 2009

Trophies and Achievements

As if video games weren't addicting enough as it is they had to go and bring this shit in. Achievements in Warcraft and Trophies for the PS3.

What are these you ask? Basically bragging rights. Just playing and beating the game is not enough anymore. A couple months ago, before Wrath of the Lich King came out, WoW uploaded a new patch that added Achievements to the game. They are "awards" given to you for doing random things throughout the game. You get one for exploring each region in the world, for drinking 25 different beverages, looting 100 gold, and so on and so forth. Most of which are extremely pointless and yet I can't help but doing them anyway. And for each achievement you earn to get a certain amount of points. I had assumed that once Lich King came out they would explain what the points could be used for. Maybe buying rare gear or something of that nature?

So far I've heard nothing. The points don't seem to be for anything, at least not yet. I'm sure they will sometime down the road. So why continue to do them? I find it very addicting. It's the same reason I enjoyed Pokemon when it first came out. Gotta Catch Em All. The most brilliant marketing strategy the world has ever seen. I find myself needing to get as many achievements as possible just for the sake of having as many as possible!

Most of you that know me pretty well are aware of the fact that I love collecting. This is no different.

The PS3 has taken it a step further in my book by allowing you to "level up" which is my main addiction in life. Instead of just adding more and more trophies to your collection, the PS3 has it set up where earning a certain amount of trophies brings you to the next "level". I only have about 42 trophies right now but I am at level 3. It's pretty sweet.

When I first got Fallout 3 there was no trophy support which really bummed me out. Then about a month or so ago they put up a new Fallout patch to download that enabled trophies. They only problem is that it picks up from where you currently are in the game. Since I am already more than halfway through the game already, all the other trophies that I should have earned don't count. I'd actually have to go do them all over again. Which is not all that bad considering Fallout is the type of game that has multiple playability, but it's still kind of aggravating.

I already pre-ordered Resident Evil 5 which I will be getting on Thursday ( I hope). I'm going to assume it has trophy support but you never know. In the mean time I made a bet with myself that I had to beat at least 2 games that I haven't finished yet before RE5 comes out. So far so good. I beat Little Big Planet a couple days ago and now it's looking like Fallout 3 might just make it, but who knows. It's so easy to get sidetracked in that damn game. It's just so BIG!

Well I'm done for now.

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