Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back home

Well I am back from the Burgh, sadly. Wish I could have stayed a few more days but unfortunately one needs to work in order to make money.

After work today I decided to do a bit of shopping. I needed to get an electric razor to trim the ol Van Dyke I be sporting (not a goatee!) and a copy of Catcher in the Rye. So I swung by Target this evening since my brother had picked up a pretty good razor there for pretty cheap. After searching the small electronics aisle for 10 minutes it was nowhere to be found. So I walked around the store looking for it. Now my Target is 2 floors so after searching the downstairs I made my way upstairs. Nowhere to be found. WTF? Where the hell would it be? During my search I passed many Target employee's and the majority asked them if I needed any help to which I replied "No, I'm alright"

Why didn't I ask? Because apparently that's what guys do. You always see it on TV and in the movies. Guys don't like asking for directions or whatever. I never really thought about it but I guess it's true. Maybe not so much with directions while driving, but when it comes to finding something, leave me be. For whatever reason I would rather wander around aimlessly then ask anybody for help. And that's exactly what happened tonight. I was in Target for 30 minutes and it was eventually in the last place I could have checked. Over in the corner that I thought was mainly just girly crap there were a few aisles for bathroom necessities. Well duh!! I should have guessed. To be fair I wasn't wearing my glasses. Had I had them I would have been able to actually read the signs from far away.

Why do we do it? Had I just asked somebody I could have been in and out of Target right quick! Hell, the damn thing was on the first floor several aisles away from the registers. So why did I meander around like a damn fool for so long? I have no idea. It's not like I was trying to impress anyone. There's was no one with me! I had no point to prove, no nothing. If you think I'm going somewhere with this then you would be wrong because I have no idea. Apparently I just like to inconvenience myself and waste my own damn time.

In other news I have a big day tomorrow! After work I'm driving up to my uncle's place and he's taking me and my cousin to go see Star Wars in Concert!! *Epic drool*

Not quite what I'm seeing, but how fucking rad would THIS be?!

There are very few things in this world that I love more than Star Wars. Very few things. So when my uncle called me a month ago asking if I wanted to go I agreed before he could even finish his sentence. What's also sweet is that there is going to be an exhibit there before the concert with a bunch of costumes and props from the movies. It says you can bring your camera and take pictures of the exhibit, but not into the show. So where the fuck do I put my camera for the show? I tried calling and asking but they only gave me a recording. Hella lame.

I shall make a post about it sometime in the future, hopefully with pictures to go along with it.

Later nerf herders...

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