Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wow that was a close one!

It seems like anytime something happens to my computer or my internet goes down, as soon as I find some way to get it back, the next day (or sometime soon after) something happens again. So very, very frustrating.

Couldn't find a picture of an anime character smashing a computer. This will do though...

So my last post was on Monday afternoon describing how happy I was to have the internet back up. Later that night I finally got to go see Paranormal Activity. I was excited to see the movie and then come back to give my thoughts about it in a blog post. Unfortunately for me as I open up Firefox nothing loads. I try several websites and nothing. I was extremely tried (since I had got less than 2 hours of sleep the night before) and cranky about the fact that I had JUST made a post about how I got my Internets back and was so excited to blog again. Then I looked down at the icon for my wireless connection. It was working perfectly (as in it was connected properly) but it just wasn't finding any Internet! WTF?

Then I had a sudden realization. The Earthlink bill is automatically charged to my dad's credit card. Something happened to his card recently and he had to get a new one. He had called me and gave me the information to update it since he didn't want to deal with "those idiots at Earthlink" on the phone for several hours. I had been so busy with work I had completely forgot to do this and now I was freaking out because I assumed that since they hadn't gotten paid they shut it off. I decided it was too late to do anything that night and tried and get some sleep.

After another restless night, probably around 2 hours or so of sleep, I "woke up" to get ready for work. It's hard to calculate the total hours you've slept when your basically drifting in and out of consciousness the entire night. I normally like to check my computer real quick before going to work but thought "Fuck it, I can't, so what's the point?" After coming home from work later that day I turned on the computer and decided to get this NEW problem fixed. I quickly checked just in case to see if it was still not working and then my Facebook page pops right up! The deuce?! It was working fine! I have no idea what happened. Perhaps Earthlink's servers had gone down briefly the night before or whatever but it was back and working.

Not wasting any time I immediately called Earthlink to get the credit card information changed. I was NOT going to risk them canceling this shit at any time. After dealing with a voice automated robot for a painful 20 minutes. I heard phrases like"I'm sorry, that information does not fit with our records" and "I'm sorry, could you please repeat that?"over and over and over again. Finally the robot gave up and finally patched me through to it's superior, a living breathing human. In less than 8 minutes we had everything squared away. I want those 20 minutes of my life that robot stole from me back!

I have a feeling the robots are actually evolving, like the Cylons. I bet every minute of time a robot wastes sucking the lifeforce out of me on the phone, brings it one minute closer to becoming more human.
"Please say your name..." Sean. "I'm sorry, that information is incorrect. One step closer to eradicating all humans....complete."

Well that's it for me tonight. Thank Haruhi I have a pretty easy day tomorrow...


Sean said...

"Voice automated robot" had me cracking up. Your unpleasant experience amuses me!

Seantaku said...

I seem to get that a lot!