Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taxi 3

Man can I call it!! I get a phone call today from the taxi place letting me know that my cab was outside. The time was 9:24! I had told them to come at 9:20. Did I not call it in my last post?? Pretty much right on time! God I hate them so much. I had to wake up earlier than I normally just to make sure they were here on time. Though this is what was awesome...

Me: Hey
Driver: What was going on? I have been waiting outside for almost 15 minutes.
Me: Really?
Driver: Yes, did they not call you?
Me: I literally just got a call about 2 minutes ago. (And this was not a lie)
Driver: They never listen to me on my radio! I was about to leave. I couldn't sit here all day.
Me: Well you'll have to excuse me that I don't exactly trust your guys services. I've called several cabs in the past couple weeks and you seem to be the only one who not only came on time, but came early. The past 2 times I've scheduled a pick up they've been 20 minutes late and making me late for work. I didn't feel like waiting outside today so I sat inside until I got a phone call.
Driver: I understand. I'm sorry. Some of these guys can't be trusted. So where are we going?

After that he was totally cool. He was very polite the whole car ride and so I gave him a good tip. I also asked him for his card since he seems to be the only trustworthy driver in the damn service. Though I won't be needing cabs much longer (or at all) since my car is finally going to the shop tomorrow. Yeah!

Can't wait to drive again. Sweet sweet freedom!

I'm taking it to an Acura dealer near my house. They CLAIM that they will give me a loaner car for free in the meantime but I'm definitely going to have to double check on that one. Sounds a little too good to be true and I don't want to get slapped with some crazy bill. We shall soon see.

Got a nice chill night planned tonight. I have no work tomorrow so tonight I plan on watching the season finale of True Blood finally and possibly the last episode of Haruhi. I'm hesitant with Haruhi. I'm excited to see the last episode but I also don't want it to end! Last time a season ended it took 3 years to come back. Who knows if this will be the very last episode or just a season finale. There is still the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya arc from the books that they could adapt so here's hoping for season 3!

In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night...


Bluedrakon said...

I guess the third time was the charm - hopefully everything goes right at the Dealer and you get that free rental

Alyson said...

So they give you a loner car for free while your car is fixed? That does sound too good to be true. Especially since a rental car can run you $60 a day, in some places.

Too bad you just met this guy your last day needed a taxi. Would have been nice to support someone who understands the value of punctuality.