Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sick Boy 2: The Journey Home

Since we just lost a lot of employee's at my job (they all left for college. Stupid high school kids getting older!) I was unable to call off of work today even with my ridiculously high temperature. The worst part is that my job consists of a lot of manual labor so it's not a lot of fun when you aren't feeling well.

The worst part was that after work I couldn't get a ride from anybody. For whatever stupid reason there is no straight Ride-On bus route between my home and work. I only live a few miles away, how can there be no bus route? After looking up the routes online just to be sure I found that the 56 bus picks up right in front of my work and goes down the road. Less than a mile later is the intersection I would normally take home but the bus doesn't go that way. According to the website I could pick up another bus here called the 67. I told the bus driver this and he said he didn't think the 67 was running today. This cute Asian girl came up to me *growl* and told me that the 67 only runs for a couple hours on the weekdays (rush hour). Bullcrap! So that meant I had to walk the rest of the way home.
Ridin on the bus, Ridin on the Bus, sittin next to bums, there's on open seat, hope that isn't pee

So let me lay this out for you. I'm about a mile or so away from home, it's hot, my back is killing me from work, I have a fever of 102, and worse of all my foot was all sorts of gimp!! You see, yesterday afternoon I was finally able to drag my sick ass out of bed to walk to the grocery store and get medicine. Upon arriving at the store some how the material on the back heel of my shoe was open and the hard plastic "membrane" of the shoe was protruding outward and scraping against my heel. It was so incredibly painful that my normal 10 minute walk from the store to home took about twice as long. When I got home I threw my shoe at the wall, took off my sock and saw that the damn plastic had literally scraped off a sizable amount of skin.

So obviously today the one time I'm using the bus and I really need it it's not running. I had to limp my sorry ass back home. I'm sure all the cars passing me on the road were laughing hysterically at me considering how miserable and pathetic I looked. Fuck, I would have laughed at me if I saw it! So after my 45 minute walk I arrive home and all I want to do is pass the hell out but of course I need to walk the dog. Sweet, more walking!

Needless to say I am extremely tired and won't be doing anything the rest of the night. Tomorrow my friend is having a BBQ/ Pool Party. I was going to attend and just kind of nap on a lawn chair or something but I just can't bring myself to go. My friend who's throwing the shindig also thought the same thing and told me I should just stay home and rest. So not only will I be missing out on that but all my friends are going to Dewey Beach this weekend and I can't go to that either (as I stated earlier we have too few employee's at work right now so I can't take off).

So tired and aggravated. Guess that's why I have this blog. To vent!

Later all

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